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Louis Marie Dunan, Physician, Hispaniola, Philadelphia, Baltimore, late 18th early 19th centuries
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Created By:Michael Fiske


Louis Marie Dunan is my fourth great grandfather.  Born in France before 1770, he served as aphysician in Hispaniola, Philadelphia (during the 1790’s) and Baltimore(starting in 1800 when he advertised in a Baltimore paper).  He married Charlotte Basse Coulergue (bornabout 1771, died 25 Aug 1821 in Baltimore). Charlotte is said have been the wife of a French soldier, who died inthe Haitian revolution.  She had a son, Armand.


Charlotte and Louis Marie Dunan went to Philadelphia in theearly 1790’s where he served as a physician during cholera epidemics.  He then went to Baltimore in 1800, where headvertised as a physician.  He served formany years as a physician in Baltimore.


Charlotte and Louis Marie Dunan had at least fourchildren:  Adolphus (1796-183, Louis(1796-?), Gustavis (1801-?), and Mary Catherine (1804-1805).


Adolphus (1796-183 was also a physician, who while born inHispaniola or Pennsylvania was probably educated in France.  He died from gout on the streets ofBaltimore.  Adolphus married Emily Hazlet(1807-1880).  Emily Hazlett and Adolphus Dunan are my 3rdgreat grandparents. 


According to family history, Emily Hazlett was the daughterof James Hazlett (born Ireland about 1780) and Mary Parkinson.


I am trying to find further information on Louis Marie andCharlotte Dunan as well as establishing the ancestry of Emily Hazlett.


Can you help?

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Created By:Michael Fiske


All I have to do is post on American Ancestors, and then Idiscover information that I had not known before.  By the way, I don't know where the emoticons came from in my first post.


On “Genealogybank” I found obituaries for Charlotte BasseCoulergue and Louis Marie Dunan. Charlotte’s obituary, published 27 August 1821in the “Baltimore Patriot” states that she died 25 August 1821 in Baltimore,MD, at the age of 50 after a marriage of 25 years.  Dr. Lewis (sic) M. Dunan’s obituary in the 8April 1833 “Baltimore Gazette and Daily Advertiser” gives his date ofdeath as 5 April 1833 and his age at death 72. The obituary also lists his birthplace as Boulonge, France.

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