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Hannah Robinson of Exeter, New Hampshire, need info!
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Created By:Janice Moerschel
I am looking for information about the parents of Hannah Robinson of Exeter, New Hampshire, who I believe was born about 1763.  She married Samuel Philbrick who was born on April 22, 1759.  The mystery is who the parents of this Hannah Robinson were.  I have seen documentation for her birth in Exeter, New Hampshire - with only the name of a father, John Robinson. And an old family tree I am working with lists her line of ancestors as John Robinson, Isaac Robinson, and then the Rev. John Robinson.  The problem is that another source suggested that my Hannah Robinson's parents were John Robinson and Ruth Lane of Gloucester, Mass.  So I would like to sort this out.  Does anyone have info?  Was she from Exeter, NH or Gloucester, Mass.?  And who was her mother?  Any insights would be greatly appreciated.  A relative of mine has a family tree that lists Robinsons back to the Rev. John Robinson but I would like to confirm if possible.
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Created By:Marian_5

The vital records for Gloucester give the baptism for Hannah dau of John and Ruth Robinson as Sept 18, 1763.  This fits with a birth the end of Aug.  The vital records list a Hannah dau of John and Judith Robinson baptized on Sept 16, 1763.


It would appear from articles in the Register such as vol. 48 p206 and vol. 13 p 341  that the tradition that Abraham Robinson was the son of Rev. John has no basis in fact.


Isaac Robinson settled in Barnstable.  According to Otis in his Genealogical Notes of Barnstable Families  Vol. 2 he had 9 children, of which 5 were boys.  John Robinson married Elizabeth Weeks May 1, 1667 and went from Falmouth to Connecticut in 1714.  He had four sons and 5 daughters.

Of Isaac's other sons two died without issue. Two more moved to Connecticut and Jacob bp May 15, 1653 married Experience and died in 1733.


From the Gloucester records it would appear that John Robinson married Ruth Lane int. Dec 11, 1761.


Hope this helps

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Created By:Janice Moerschel

Hi Marian,


You know, I don't think I ever spotted your post until just now (yikes!) - so I apologize for not responding before this.  I thank you for that information.


It would seem that Hannah Robinson's parents must have moved from Gloucester, Mass. to Exeter, New Hampshire.


Thank you for clearing up about the Rev. John Robinson.  At least I know that if my Hannah Robinson's parents were, in fact, John R. and Ruth Lane, then there is no connection to the Reverend.  And thank you for the additional information on the lineage!




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Created By:Janice Moerschel 1

Since my initial post, I have located record of Hannah Robinson's birth as being Aug. 20, 1763 in Exeter, Rockingham, NH.  So I now question my previous conclusions about who her parents were. On the New Hampshire records located, only her father is listed:  John Robinson.  So I don't know if there is any connection to the Hannah Robinson born in Gloucester, Massachusetts previously discussed. And therefore, my tracing back to Abraham Robinson may be incorrect as well. 

If anyone has info on the Hannah Robinson born in Exeter, NH, i.e., who her mother may have been, who her father John Robinson really was, or his lineage, I would welcome any info.

Thank you.

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