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Mary L Mannon, Civil War nurse, Memphis, Tennessee
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Created By:Michael Fiske


According to In Honor of the National Association ofCivil War Army Nurses.  1910.


“Mrs. Mary L Mannon responded with three other ladies to acall for nurses from Governor Morton of Indiana, leaving Goshen, Indiana inFebruary 1863 and served in the hospital at Memphis, Tennessee until June 4,1865.


She was a volunteer nurse but receives a pension.  Mrs. Mannon was born in 1843 and resides atLos Angeles, Cal.”


Mrs. Mannon is mentioned in several letters written fromAdams Hospital, by my second great grandfather, Thomas Hannah, Illinois 95thInfantry, Company G, to his wife, Elizabeth Marshall Hannah, in Belvidere,Illinois.  Thomas was a ward master atAdams Hospital.


In a letter dated 16 February 1863, Thomas writes:


“the other night Mrs mannon and I went to see the nigars danceas she wanted to see how they preformed and I wished Dear Wife that you couldhave seen them you would have laughed untill your fat sides would have achedthe fidler had ondly one string and there he sit drawing his bow back and forthwhile another nigar kept spating (?) with his hands now you can imagine whatkind the musick was while about twenty nigars wear back (?) dancing asthough to day was the last day and tomorrow the end of the wourld while thesweet was runing in streams as they huged each other and went through with thedance .. we did not stay very long as the oder and atmosphere of the room wasvery strong and unpleasant .. yet we were amply repaid by satisfied curiosityfor our visit ..”


In a second letter, dated 3 March 1863, Thomas writes:


“I shall miss Mrs Mannon when she leaves wich will be soon sheis such good company and has always been as kind as a sister to me”

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