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Civil War Nurses, Adams Hospital, Memphis, Tennesse
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Created By:Michael Fiske


In a previous post, AdamsGeneral Hospital, Memphis, TN, Civil War,


I inquired about the names of nurses who are mentioned in letterswritten from Adams Hospital, by my second great grandfather, Thomas Hannah,Illinois 95th Infantry, Company G, to his wife, Elizabeth MarshallHannah, in Belvidere, Illinois.  Thomaswas a ward master at Adams Hospital.


I have found a photo album:


In Honor of the National Association of Civil War Army Nurses.  1910.


The album contains photographs and brief summaries of thelives of women who belonged to The National Association of Army Nurses of theCivil War.  This book was publishedshortly after the 43rd Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republicin Salt Lake City, Utah, 12–13 August 1909.


I have been able to identify in the album three women withwhom Thomas Hannah served and mentioned in his letters:  Miss Lettie E. Covell (Mrs. Lettie E. Buckley),Mrs. Margaret Meseroll (Mrs. Maggie Hayes), and Mrs. Mary L Mannon.


I have included in this post all of the women nursesmentioned in the album who were stationed either at Adams Hospital or inMemphis.


As I continue my transcriptions, I hope to add additionalinformation on these women, who played such a vital role in Thomas Hannah’slife and in the lives of so many other men.


Mrs. ElizabethBaldridge


Mrs. Baldridge served as a volunteer nurse for nine monthsat Memphis, Tennessee.  She served underher maiden name, Miss Elizabeth Lee.


Mrs. Baldridge is 77 years of age and receives a pension.  Her address is Pomona, California.


Mrs. Susan L. Brown


Mrs. Brown served under her maiden name, Sue L. McLaughlin,answered a call for volunteers from Governor Morton of Indiana, serving fornine months on hospital boats on the Mississippi River and in hospitals atMemphis, Tennessee.


She is now the wife of S. C. Brown, Commander of the G. A.R. Department of Georgia and South Georgia. She is 74 years of age and resides at Fitzgerald, Georgia.  She receives a pension.


She with her soldier husband do active work in looking afterthe veterans in the South, and in caring for the graves of the prisoners inAndersonville Cemetery.


Mrs. Lettie E.Buckley


Mrs. Buckley served as a nurse being enlisted by SanitaryCommission under her maiden name, Miss Lettie E. Covell from October 1863 toJune 1865 at Memphis in the Washington and Adams Hospitals at Memphis,Tennessee.


Mrs. Buckley is 73 years of age and receives a pension.


She has held several offices in the Association.  Her address is 1955 North Erie Street,Chicago, Illinois.


Mrs. Helen M. Burnell


Mrs. Burnell served under her maiden name, Helen M. Beckett,was a regular nurse in Adams Hospital Memphis, Tenn. for two years and six months.


She is now eighty years of age and resides at 1110 WindsorPlace, S. Pasadena, California.


Mrs. Margaret Hayes


Under the name of Maggie Meserolle she served for two yearsand six months at Adams General Hospital No 2 and Gayosso Hospital, Memphis,Tennessee as a regular nurse.


She is nearly blind but continues to take an active part inthe Relief Corps of which she is now a member, thereby still working for thesoldiers.


Her address in 1200 E. 43rd Street, Los Angeles,California.



Mrs. Mary L Mannon


Mrs. Mary L Mannon responded with three other ladies to acall for nurses from Governor Morton of Indiana , leaving Goshen, Indiana inFebruary 1863 and served in the hospital at Memphis, Tennessee until June 4,1865.


She was a volunteer nurse but receives a pension.  Mrs. Mannon was born in 1843 and resides atLos Angeles, Cal.


Mrs. Mary B. Maxfield


Mrs. Maxfield left Peoria, Illinois, November 11, 1863, withthe Sixth Illinois Cavalry, which went to Springfield, Illinois, and from thereto Paducah, Kentucky and then to Memphis, Tennessee where she was transferredto the Adams Block Hospital.


She served under her maiden name, Miss Mary Kenny for twentytwo months and was commissioned by Miss Mary A. Livermore.  Mrs. Maxfield is 70 years of age and receivesa pension.  She resides at Kansas City,Kansas, and is the Department President of the National Association of Nursesof the Civil War of Kansas.


Mrs. Comelia M.Stanley


Mrs. Stanley served under her maiden name, Miss Comelia M.Tompkins.  Her home at the time being atNiagara Falls, N. Y.  She was enlisted byJames E. Yeatman, agent for Miss Dix, and received a commission from the latter.  She served two years and one month atMemphis, Tennessee.  Benton and JeffersonBarracks, St. Louis, Missouri.


Mrs. Stanley’s present residence is Gardena, Cal., Box 10 RD.  She is 72 years of age.


Mrs. Mary EleanorWillson


Mrs. Willson volunteered as a nurse in 1862 and served threemonths.  She was the regularlycommissioned by Mrs. Mary A. Livermore, acting for Miss Dix, at Chicago, inFebruary 1863.


Her service covered almost a period of two years with theArmy of the Cumberland on the field, in Post Hospitals, Adam’s Block Hospital Memphis,Tenn., and on hospital boats on the Mississippi River.  Age not given.


Mrs. Willson resides at Westgate, California, or 622 North10th St. Sawtelle, Cal.  Youwill see she gives both addresses.


Mrs. Leonora Wright


Mrs. Wright served under her maiden name, LeonoraSmith.  Her field of labor was TerreHaute, Indiana, and Nashville, and Memphis Tennessee.  She was commissioned by Governor O. P.Morton.


Mrs. Wright is 79 years of age   She receives a pension.  Her address is 467 W. 3rd St.,Terre Haute, Ind.


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