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Three Samuel Thorntons, proving a relationship
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Created By:jeanie roberts

Samuel Thornton, born about 1775 married Katherine Baker in Campton, Grafton, New Hampshire.  Her parents were Benjamin and Sarah Norris Baker.  They had a son named Samuel  who was born in Stanstead, Canada East.  He married Chloe Blanchard and they lived in Wheelock and Hardwick Vermont.  The are the parents of my great grandfather John.  All this I know and can show proof.  

In the book "The Family of James Thornton, father of Matthew Thornton" Charles Thornton Adams says that James had a son Samuel, born probably in Maine about 1722 and that he, Samuel, is the father of my Samuel b. 1775.  He says that Samuel 1 married twice and had 22 children.  No wives are named and of the children named only two are traceable: Samuel 2 and Dorcas Thornton who married a Durgin. He traces Samuel 2 to my great grandfather who was living in Dorchester, MA at the time. 

So, my question is, can I say for sure that I am related to Samuel 1 based on the book by Charles Adams?  I have looked in vain for any documented proof of Samuel 1 and have hit the proverbial brickwall. 


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Created By:Laine

I would personally never trust any book , unless it shows citations concluding to  the positive.

Use it as a "hint", but do your own research.  I have found many books written about 1900-1920 glorifiing  their heritage because they may have been trying to prove an American heritage much earlier than their neighbor's Ellis Island entries. It was  a trend to try to apply for DAR and other such organizations. Many of these books have wrong people attached to wrong people. The DAR may have to revise an entire Gilmore line if I apply. So much of it is wrong.. Many people applied on a Gilmore they were not really related to. Your gut instinct was right.... Do your own research.

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