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Western Massachusetts 1790
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Created By:Ralph_30

Could you please give me a name to use to test this database?  I tried Nelson (a name I understand is being researched) and got no hits.  I tried N* as a surname to see if there were any families with surname s starting with N in the database.  Still no hits.  I tried Springfield as a city (as the only information in the search query) and got nothing.

What search query can I use to get some hits and reassure me that this database is in fact populated with names and operating properly?

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Created By:Dale H. Cook
There are only eleven sketches in the database. To browse them go to:

and use the "Volumes" pick list to browse the sketches.

Fifty sketches, which are not in the database, have just been published by NEHGS in "Western Massachusetts Families in 1790" edited by Lynn Betlock.

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