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reconciling two mary cottons
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Created By:Phil

Hi everyone, I've run across a problem and maybe someone who knows a bit about Vermont records can explain this discrepancy. The person of interest is Mary Cotton, who was born Mary Darling and was married to Samuel Cotton. I haven't been able to find any birth documentation and am still going off pretty poorly documented online sources at the moment, which indicate she was the daughter of Joseph Darling and Huldah Thomas (originally from Middleborough, MA). My issue is with these two death records, which appear to be for different Mary Cottons, but have the same death date. (this is from Mary Darling) (this record is of Mary Cotton, whose gravestone indicates was the wife of Thomas Cotton, Samuel Cotton's father, though Mary was not his mother


Seeing that these are transcriptions of town records, I can't imagine the town would have more detailed information?  Just seems unusual to me that these two people with the same name would have died on the same date and makes me think make something was documented incorrectly (and based on what I've seen, my hunch is the Darling one is incorrect).


On a side note, the union of Mary (also known as Molly/Polly) Darling and Samuel Cotton is intriguing to me because Mary was descended from Mayflower passengers while Samuel descended from John Cotton/Thomas Dudley/Simon Bradstreet, so a lot of early US history is encompassed in this particular line.


Appreciate being pointed in the right direction!

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Created By:David Lambert
I would suggest contact the town clerk in Hartland, Vermont.  I would include both records from the Family Serarch website you linked to.  Obviously one is from the Center Cemetery gravestone for Mary Cotton.  It would be possible a transcription error occured when the cards were produced.  The Town Clerk in Hartland can be reached at :

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