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George Lamberton of New Haven
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Created By:Owen

In that portion of of web page titled "Rising of the North" states, /"In 1543, Nicholas Lamberton had entailed Owton manor on his three sons, Robert, George, and Clement, successively."
/This would infer that the three sons were born at some date prior to 1543.  We know that son George was mentioned in the records of the New Haven Colony during the 1640's and lost at sea in 1646.
Based on the dates of 1543 or earlier and Georges death in 1646 this would make him 103 years old.
This cannot be.
  If it is any help, although without dates the linage given in "The Visitation of Cambridge 1575 and 1619" (page 127) seems much more plausible. 

There is one or more trees within additional "visitations that seem to hint that perhaps data for George's generation is missing. His marriage to Margaret Lewen is available from English records but birth records for both are missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Created By:Virginia

Is this the George Lamberton who built the ill-fated "Phantom Ship" memorialized by Longfellow?  George was apparently lost aboard this ship and my ancestor Nathaniel Turner was another passenger.  This was in 1646.

Would this incident partly explain why the information you are looking for, might be difficult to find?  Did his widow move? Perhaps court/probate records might turn up some of this information.  Some of these records are published.


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Created By:Owen


   Thanks for the reply.  Several years ago when i started my project I made a diligent search for associated families such as Lamberton, Lambton, Lambert, Painter,Allen, etc. According to ancestry  Eric Lamberton, Capt. George Lamberton's widow married Baron Hilton. This is also recorded in at least one of the  "Visitations"

  To the best of my knowledge there is no verifiable record of on what ship George arrived in North America or even how he obtained the title of captain. From early documents or records it appears that George was financially well off.

    As I mentioned in my original post it seems that there is a generation missing in the associated "visitations" or my assumptions are totally wrong.


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Created By:Barry H
On 5 Jan 1628 "George Lamberton of ye parish of Whitechappell in ye countie of Midx [Middlesex] marraner & a batchelour, aged about 28 yeares" alledged his intention to marry with "Margaret Lewin of ye same p[ari]sh maiden aged about 17 yeares the lawfull & n[atu]rall daughter of Henry Lewin" who gives consent as is testified by Alexander Maine[?] of St Nicholas Acon London silk weaver. The marriage to take place at St Nicholas Acon. The allegation is signed George Lambert and Alexand[er] M[?].

A search in British records shows both Lamberton and Lewin families in the East End, in Wapping Wall, St. Dunstan's, Whitechapel and All Hallows Honey Lane. Note that an Alexander Main with wife Josinah baptized and buried children in the parish of All Hallows Honey Lane between 1610 and 1618.

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