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Unknown Parentage of Joseph Gilchrist in Pennsylvanis
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Created By:Mary Gilchrist

Joseph Gilchrist born 1796 “near Gettysburg” PA, paid taxes as a single man in Westmoreland Co 1816-1819, married Juliet McAllister early 1820’s, two sons, married Eliza McAllister late 1820’s.  In census Westmoreland Co 1830 and 1840 with second family growing to 8 children and in Armstrong Co in 1850 and 1860.  In Iowa by 1870 where children have migrated.  Dies 1872.


Seeking parentage of Joseph, I find there are few surnames Gilchrist in PA in the 18th century, 1-6 being improbable, 7 probable.

  1. John b 1731, in Rev War, lives Dauphin Co until he follows son Matthew to Washington then Fayette Co where he dies in 1792-95 leaving property to sons John and Matthew.  Son John b 1761, in Rev War dies Dauphin Co. 1835.
  2. James of Dauphin Co who dies 1777, leaving son John M. b 1755 who fights in Rev War, moves to Westmoreland 1805 and dies that year.  He has a son John A who moves to Westmoreland and dies in 1828.
  3. Robert of Dauphin Co who dies in 1783.  Male children are Thomas, John and Robert.
  4. Robert of SE York, Fawn Twp, who dies in 1782 leaving three sons one of whom buys land in 1788 in Fawn
  5. Ens. James who dies right after Rev War and son Robert receives bounty land warrants in 1789, dies soon thereafter leaving property to his sister’s children.
  6. Lt. James born late 1750’s.  Lives a few miles east of Gettysburg when he marries in 1803 and fathers several children, moves to Westmoreland and is killed waggoning in 1817.  Pension application lists children and there is none named Joseph.
  7. James b 1744, pays taxes near Gettysburg in Cumberland Twp, York Co in 1779-1783 with 7 inhabitants latter year, in 1790 census there and then county split so in Adams Co in 1800 and 1810. Children born 1770’s to 1790’s.  He buys land in Westmoreland in 1800s and moves there by 1814 where he is taxed, found living in 1820 and dies intestate in 1823.  Buried next to wife Mary who dies in 1829 and they are adjacent to apparent son Archibald who is named as a brother in John Gilchrist’s will.  A 1782 will of John Fletcher in York Co leaves property to Mary, wife of James Gilchrist.  An 1809 marriage in Adams Co of Sally Gilchrist daughter of James Gilchrist.   No births/baptisms are available from Presbyterian churches in York/Adams Counties.  Candidate children of James are John b ~1776, David, Robert, Thomas, Archibald and Joseph as well as Sally and two other females.  How to make these links?

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Joined: 11/17/2010
Posts: 8

Created By:Mary Gilchrist
Approximately 6 months later, we affirmed the father of Joseph to be James, listed as #7, above.  Fastidious attention to family records, deeds and wills allowed us to connect David and Joseph to James but affirmation of the other prospective sons listed in #7 is yet to be achieved.  We thank Pennsylvania's Westmoreland and Adams County Historical Societies for their help.  Their Atlases and publications, especially Adams County's The Manor of Maske have been invaluable.

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