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How do I find my ancestor from Ireland-surname problem
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Created By:Joanne A. Smith Mello

One of my ancestors from Ireland is known by family members by this name:

Nancy Ann Alexander Ager.  She was born about 1811 in "Protestant" Ireland (so say family records).  Came to America at about age 4 (1814 or so) and it is said she lived in PA.  I have no info on parents and or siblings.

I haven't got a clue as to her given name: is it Nancy or Ann? Or is Nancy a nickname for Ann?  Is her surname Alexander or is it Ager?  She could have been born with Alexander surname and maybe married someone named Ager.  I have no record of her marrying an Ager.   Were girls born in Ireland given multiple surnames, i.e. Alexander Ager?

Somewhere along the line, about 1830 maybe, she was married to an Andrew Forbes. (I have zero info on Andrew but he's not my problem just now).  30 years of my research has not turned up location of this marriage.  Two boys were born of this marriage and Forbes died 1836 in MO.  Nancy then married a Crawford in MO and died in California.

She was referred to as Ann Forbes (or Forbus) in one of Andrew's settlement records and also referred to as Nancy A.A. in other records.

I'm not new to genealogy and although I think I've done some pretty thorough research in MO and CA (including research on all the kids involved), I know I'm missing something and really need clues and/or suggestions on how to search for Nancy .. or Ann .. or Ager .. or Alexander. 

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Created By:William Hager
Joanne -  try searching under Hagar, Hager, Agar etc --- I have run into the opposite that you have --I'm looking for Hager, and it's under Agar. These foreign accents are tough !!!! Good luck.

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