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Quebec -PRDH database
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Created By:Barbara

I've been using the PRDH database (Univ of Montreal) for Birth, Marriage and Death records for many of the Quebec ancestors of my mother-in-law.  If I can get back to someone pre 1800 - that is!  I'm wondering how reliable/accurate is considered to be in the genealogical community?

I've also used BMS2000 for my post 1800 folks - this database seems a little less reliable as names seem more mixed up.  What is it's reputation in the genealogical community?


Barb Harris

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Created By:Cecile

 I don't know how the PRDH and BMS2000 databases are received by certified genealogists, but after using them to get place names and dates for my ancestors, then going to the Drouin records (actual copies of the baptismal, marriage and burial records) to get the original data, I have found the PRDH and BMS2000 records to be very accurate, although additional information may be found in the actual records.  In fact, I often find that the names of witnesses, etc. in the PRDH, help me to read the handwriting on the originals.  My favorite is the PRDH.


I have found far more inaccuracies in using the and indeces, which are created by volunteers (sometimes unfamiliar with the French language).


I do recommend going to the original record whenever possible.

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Created By:Owen

Thanks for the information. Shortly I will resume the history of the French side of my family.

               Owen Berio (Bériault)

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Created By:Melissa_4
Barbara, as far as I know, PRDH was compiled from original sources.  And at least one very well known genealogist, Rene Jette, also posted research findings there.  One of his findings actually broke down a brick wall for me.  I have found PRDH to be quite accurate (and sometimes a bit more accurate than the Drouin indices) based on a limited comparison to the original records.  I have not used BMS2000.  I use Drouin as a starting point since it's only a basic (although highly convenient) index and PRDH and the original records often include much more information that provides clues to move forward.
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Created By:Diane Ahrberg

I have used the PRDH database and find it very helpful once I'm back to 1800 but what's the BMS2000?  The other problem is I don't read French so I have to just search for names in the record.






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