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Crowsen of Scotland by way of Jamaica
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Created By:Charles Mills

My second great grandmother, Rowbena Esther Crowsen (b. 1876, d. 1929), lived in Jamaica from ~1891 to 1904, where she married George Edgar Radcliffe Pearce, a British civil servant.  I have confirmation of the spelling of her maiden name from the Jamaican birth records of my great grandfather, George Enbro Tarbutt Pearce, and his brother, Charles Lithgow Pearce, but have not been able to find any record of her arrival to Jamaica, a record of her marriage, or additional information that might provide names for her parents.  The US Census of 1920 indicates that she was born in England and that her parents were both born in Scotland (although the 1910 US Census indicates that she and her parents were born in England).  I have searched Crowsen / Crossen as well as other spelling variations without luck.  I realize that she may also have been born in Jamaica, despite the Census records, but have found no records.


I have searched a variety of sources, including Jamaican Genealogy sites as well as records from the Jamaican Gleaner Newspaper, without luck. 


Any help or direction with respect to additional sources for research would be much appreciated.


Thank you.

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Created By:Alice Motes

Hi Charles,

My name is Alice Motes and I think we may be related...

My mother was Pamela Crosan Pearce born in Bronxville NY1937 and her father was Charles Lithgow Pearce who was born in Jamaica. My Grandmother was Viola Anderson and I have found her marriage Certificate to Charles #29579 Manhattan NY 1936.

I also have been looking for information about this side of my family as my mother was told that her father passed a way when she was a little girl... my mother has been gone for about twenty years and I would very much like to find out more about my great grand mother (seems she was going by Lena Pearce in NY) and grandfathers family. I have found a few other bits of information on line but have never met or communicated with anyone from my grandfathers side of the family.

If you have any information that you could share it would mean alot to me.

My mother always spoke about the fact that her father come from Jamaica and that he was older when he met my grandmother in NY City. I have two photos of him one with my grandmother and a large group of people and one just of him, he was very handsome and looked to have thick white curly hair. 

Thank you for any help with my search for Pearce via Jamaica...        

Regards Alice Motes

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Created By:Charles Mills



Yes, I believe that we are related.   Charley was always a mystery to us.  Apparently, there was some falling out between George and Charley, although I haven't been able to uncover any details about what happened.  I have quite a bit of info, including a picture of Charley and George taken at a photo studio in Jamaica from the mid-1890's.  I also have a picture of Robina and George E.R. Pearce taken in the early 1890's around the time that they were married.   I also recently received information from the National Archives (UK) on George E.R. Pearce during his time as a civil servant in Jamaica.  It is very interesting.  


George E.R. Pearce essentially abandoned Robina and the kids in NY while Charley and George were quite young. I heard stories from my grandmother of George going to work when he was 12.  Like Charley, he was an accountant and worked his entire life at the American Can Company in NY.   I was able to track George and Charley's father (George E.R.) to the UK in 1910 where he was living with an Eva Pearce(presumably his new wife) and can (with certainty) track him up to 1928 through the UK census. He was a flawed character (to put it kindly).  


George E.R. and his brother Frank Leopold Pearce were apparently very good cricketers.  They appear (particularly Frank) in a number of places in the cricket archives on line and were well known in the cricket world.  Their father, George Henry Pearce, spent his entire working life as a civil servant in Jamaica, beginning in 1860 as a clerk in the Penitentiary system and eventually becoming Post Master General of Jamaica in 1894.  There were also three sisters, who moved to Long Island NY with George Henry Pearce and Emily Pearce in 1904, when George Henry retired from the civil service.  I can't imagine why there was no contact between George / Charley and their grandparents, who only lived a few miles away.  My grandmother, who was born in 1914 and died in 2007, remembered Robina/Lena from her childhood, but never met her paternal grandparents who were alive and living on Long Island until at least 1920.


I have uncovered a lot of information about the Pearce's in Jamaica.  We go back several generations in Jamaica on the Pearce side and further (to before 1761) on the George E.R. Pearce's mother's side (Emily Ann Radcliffe McBayne).  There are some surprises on this side, which I will be happy to share with you.


Please email me at  I will be happy to forward to you what I have.  I also have an account with, where you can find my tree as "Mills Family Tree-1" if you have an account with them. 





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