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KIDDER and WILKINS along the Maine / New Brunswick border
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Created By:Betty Fredericks

Hi again,


Before I get away from my computer,  I'll mention that my ancestor, Calvin KIDDER, b1765 NH, left there at 19 to follow other NH families to New Brunswick.   He was not a Loyalist or Sympathizer, but might have followed them - possibly because of a girlfriend.    No one knows how he spent the next 15 yrs.   But he would eventually live in St. Stephen, NB.   He married Mercy GREENLAW there in 1798, and they had their first child there in Jan. 1799.   Unfortunately,  Calvin was killed in a boating accident - one week later.


The child was Joseph "Calvin" KIDDER (1799-1891)  (aka Calvin KIDDER).   He and his twice-widowed mother,  then Mrs. Mercy BATES,  moved over to Calais, ME, ~1830.   He soon married Mary WILKINS near Amity, ME.   They had 6 surviving children.   They mostly lived in Calais,  but they lost their 2nd son, soon after the son married (and his new wife), and they lost a teen-age daughter  (I suspect an epidemic ~1860)   Their older son remained in Calais, and had 2 wives and 7 children.   The next 2 sons lived in Princeton, ME, and had many children.   I am descended from Joseph KIDDER in Princeton.   He served in the Civil War and was seriously wounded while fighting in FL.   He came back home to marry his cousin, Clarissa WILKINS.


These KIDDER's and WILKINS'  were along the New Brunswick / Maine border from 1780's to the present time.     The ancestor, Samuel WILKINS, is another one of my "concrete-block walls."    It is only my .educated guess.  that his parents were  William and Sarah (BANCROFT) WILKINS, from Middleton, MA.


Joseph's son, George "Sanford" KIDDER (1870-1943) became my great-grandfather.   She somehow met  Louise RICE (1876-195 who was part of the large  HUTCHINSON / CROSBY Families in 1800's  Winchester and Arlington.    But, her father had also been born in Maine.   Charles W. RICE (1850-1916) was born in Lubec, ME,  and his grandparents were also along the Maine / Nova Scotia border.



(I am .very. interested in the large "HUTCHINSON Farm" in what is now Winchester.  I lived there as a young child.)




Betty           (near Lowell, MA)



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