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KERR / HENDERSON family-group arriving 1820's
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Created By:Betty Fredericks



I'd just like to mention briefly that I am descended from a KERR / HENDERSON family-group which left Co. Sligo, Ireland, in 1823 and went to Canada.   They went to the Prov. of Quebec, and were offered land in Argenteuil Co, which is north of the St. Lawrence River.


The 9 people seem to have been all related, but we don't know how.   They were born in Sligo from 1780-1805,  and the 4 couples had all married there, and had at least one child there.   The single lady married in Canada.    The 5 couples all had many children with most surviving.   So, they have many descendants !


Patrick KERR and William HENDERSON both had a child in Canada,  Robert KERR and Elizabeth HENDERSON were born there in 1827.    They  (cousins?) married there, and had 5 children.   Later they moved down to Compton Co., P.Q.    In ~1874,  oldest son, William KERR, came down to Boston.   In 1876  he married Elizabeth HANNAH,  and they had 6 children.    Around 1878, his sister, Mary, came down to join them.   She also married here to William McINNES, and had one daughter.    Maybe ~1885,  the parents and 2 young brothers came down to join them.    They all lived in Malden and Everett.    The brothers, Robert and Joseph KERR, also married here.   They married 2  McLEAN / MacLEAN cousins.   Maybe 1905-1910 they left Everett, MA, to move to Everett, WA.   They remained there, and never had children.      (I've never been able to find out what happened to Robert and Eliza's oldest daughter,  Hannah Jane KERR, up in Compton Co, P.Q.)


Patrick started a "KERR Farm" near Lakefield and Lachute and Mille Isles, Argenteuil Co.   That KERR Farm still exists today.    I've heard from descendants, and I've seen pictures of the farm.


Elizabeth had a sister who also came down to MA.    But she and her husband first lived in very northern VT, and then moved down to the Worcester area.


..  This  family-group is a major  "concrete-block wall" for many researchers.   Some of searched for 20 yrs.   And, not one of us can find out who the parents were of those 9 people born in Co. Sligo.   Even the Sligo Heritage Centre didn't help.    I was recently told by a researcher in Ireland that we may .never. find out.



Betty             (near Lowell, MA)



(Grew up in Winchester and Arlington,  then 40 yrs. in Billerica and Chelmsford)



P.S.   I forgot to say that Elizabeth HANNAH / HANNA  had arrived from Scotland  - in a basket.    She was a 3-mo. old infant in 1857, with  HANNAH / RITCHIE parents.   But, the parents had been born in Co. Donegal, Ireland.   They married in Glasgow, and had 2 babies before leaving for Boston.


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Created By:Maureen

 Hi, Betty,


My husband is descended from a Margaret Kerr (b. 1813) who emigrated from Sligo and married a William Savage (b. 816 Ulster).  They settled and are buried on Amherst Isle.  Their daughter, my husband's gr grandmother, Mary Savage moved to Buffalo and married a Renowden.  I have a bit more info if you think they might be a match. 

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Created By:Steve Kerr

Hi Betty


Wonder if you can help, I am a direct descendant of Robert Kerr who was born in Drumness Co Down 1832. He married Rachel Reid. His father was Henry Kerr (named on the marriage cert.)

The reson for contact is that in the 1851 census a Robert Kerr is living in Cheshire England at Chester Castle Barracks as a Private in the Army, but on the census he gives his place of Birth as Sligo, Ireland.

Are you able to shed any light on him at all? Is he part of your Family?

On the wedding certificate (which is not vert clear) it states Henry's occupation as a traveller, I am having alot of problems trying to trace them or any of their family so if you can shed any light I would be most grateful.

Kind Regards

Steve Kerr

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