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Created By:Wayne

"Simonds [Simons int.] , and [Mrs C.R.], Hannah Porter, Jan 6, 1763"

John Simonds married Hannah Porter on Jan 6, 1763.

1. What is the significance of the "Mrs"?

2. Can anyone confirm that Hannah is the: "daughter of Benjamin and Hannah, bap. 19 Dec 1742"?

3. John and Hannah had a son (1767?), Benjamin Porter Symonds. Can anyone confirm the birthdate?

4. John and Hannah removed to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 1767. Can anyone provide further information?



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Created By:Carol Crockett
The Mrs. usually means that she is a widow, so her surname is that of her previous husband. Discovering her maiden name is a two-step process. First, look for the death of a man with that surname prior to the date of her new marriage. Then check for the marriage of the deceased person to a woman with the first name of Hannah. That should give you her maiden name. This method is not infallible, but if often works.

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Created By:Wayne

Thank you for your reply. I am familiar with the usual meaning.However, "Mrs" Hannah Porter was only 20  years old when she married John Symonds.

Also, From page 109 of John Howland of the Mayflower, Volume 3, it is mentioned that "Mary....was called "Mrs Mary Childs, a term used for upper class unmarried women..."


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Created By:Virginia


You might be able to find clues to Hannah's marital history by consulting the deed and probate records.  I have found some great genealogical gems in these records.  Also, if you can find them, look at the records of the general courts.  For Beverly, this would, of course, be Essex County. 


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