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Memoir of Zadock Hersey, Bangor Historical Magazine Vol.4
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Created By:julie gibbs

This article was written by Zadock Hersey's  Son in law, Benjamin Richard Jones. In it Mr Jones states that he enumerated all off Zadock's living relatives.   I was wondering if anyone out there might have seen this enumeration or know of its whereabouts?

Thank you 

Julie P Gibbs

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Created By:Robert M.

Check with the Bangor Theological Seminary Library on off chance either they or descendants were ministers whose papers ended up there.


Also, contact the Bangor Public Library, re ditto. Perhaps the BHM mss is there?


It is unlikely the Special Collections at U Maine Orono would have anything, but contact them just to check them off.


Then do the same for the Maine Historical Society. Such a document might be filed under Hersey or Jones or even a married daughter's name! But they'll have an "old card file" cross-reference card file system as Our Society once did.


Finally, consider what Maine towns we are talking about here (if not Bangor). Might be in a local library.


Also, check with and post at the Maine Genealogical Society website if you haven't already.


Rooting around like this might happen you on to the Serendipitous Moment, which might be a Wall Chart and not a manuscript text.


Best wishes.

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Created By:David_295

Thanks for posting the reference to Bangor Historical Magazine Vol. 4. That volume is available on Google Books (retrieved 19 Jan 2013):

Here is what it says:

MEMOIR OF ZADOCK HERSEY, OF DENNYSVILLE, MAINE. CONTRIBUTED BY P. E. VOSE, ESQ. Copied from Manuscript (written Jan. 30, 1850) of his Son-in-law, Benj. Richards Jones, Esq. "Mr. Zadock Hersey,* of Pembroke, Me., (who died Jan. 13, 1820) was probably the 'oldest inhabitant' of any location in this county. He was born in Hingham, Mass., in Jan. 1752-3 old style. He entered on the service of his country at Cambridge, in 1775 ; served fourteen months in that, and one or two subse quent terms, for which he received a proportionate pension under the act of Congress of 1832, called the 'Militia Pension Act.' He came to Passamaquoddy with the first permanent settlers east of Machias in 1788, and commenced making improvements on a lot of 100 acres near the head of Penmaquan Bay, in Township No. 2, East Division in the County of Lincoln, Commonwealth of Mass. To this farm he brought his wife and six children in April, 1789, and on this lot he remained, without leaving it, for seven consecutive days, during the remainder of his life. A careful enumeration of all his descendants, living at the time of his decease, has been made and the number is found to amount to 413, viz. : 8 children, 57 grand children, 258 great grand children and 90 of the fifth generation. More than 400 of whom are now living within thirty miles of his grave. Probably more 350 within half that distance. All but three within the state. Mr. Hersey was industrious in his habits and strictly honest in his dealings, cheerful and pleasant in conversation. After an intimate acquaintance with him of more than half a century the writer of this has no reason to believe he ever had a personal enemy. About 50 years ago he united with the Baptist church the first church formed in the township, and remained a member during his life. I do not think he ever attended a court of law." • Zadock, son of Isaiah and Margaret (Sprague) Hersey, b. Jan. 16, 1753; m. Abigail Lewis, of H ingham, July 30, 1775. She was born in Hingham, Feb. 10, 1752, and was the daughter of George and Susanna (Hall) Lewis. Children b. in Hingham- 1. Abigail, Nov. 12. 1776. 2. Zadock, Feb. 14, 1779. 3. Hittie Lewis, March 19, 1781. 4. Hannah, May, 178H. 5. Arms, July 23, 1785.— t Quincy Bicknell, Hingham, Mass.)

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