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Cary/Carey and Young surnames
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Created By:Andrea
I have an ancestor named Michael Carey who was married at least twice, the first time to a woman named Mary c. 1769.  My lineage goes through the second wife, Abigail Young; they were married 1 Aug 1785 in Newbury, MA.  There are apparently 2 Michael Careys, one being born 1765 in Boston, with his father's name also being Michael, but neither is my Michael.  There were also 2 Abigail Youngs who were married in Newbury, with the other one being married in 1784 and having several children with her husband.  Any clues as to the parentage of my Michael Carey/Cary and Abigail Young would be appreciated.

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Created By:Robert M.

What material have you specifically researched on Cary & Young in the Greater Newbury / Newburyport area? The VRS? Older family genealogies? Done a Register search here? Done a global VR search here for those names? etc.


Have you tried to work out the possible family relationships from those sources, including Essex County Probate & Deeds (sorry, volumes not personally to hand anymore & they don't go as far as you need)?


If you haven't searched the Register for a major article or minor notes on either of these families, you really need to do so.


Let us know or (gratuitous plug for whenever the next Come Home to New England is) CHTNE and bug Dearborn and the staff. But first, exhause the Society's online resources.


Let us know.


Best wishes.




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