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Wroblewski Families in Schenectady,NY
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Created By:Thomas Rodgers
I am trying to find a connection between the two Wroblewski families in the Schenectady area in the early 20th century.  My family was headed by Henry and Julia Wroblewski(both born around 1850 in Poland Russia).  The other family was headed by Anthony Wroblewski( born in 1868 in Sumin).
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Created By:Robert M.

When did they emigrate? Can you tell from the census records? Naturalization records in Albany or at NARA in NYC?


Are they ever recorded as living really near each other, such as in the Schenectady town/city directories? Do they share the same occupations, etc. etc.


Do you have any evidence that they interacted with each other at all through out their lives? (At present, for a Gerrity brother-sister relationship I just have an odd 1870 census household record, and a 1933 obituary naming my own father as as pall-bearer for the 2 year old in that census! And now, a much older cousin going "Oh, yeah, my mother used to talk about them..." 50 years of visiting at New Years after leaving County Mayo reduced to that.)


And what years are we talking about here?


Also, have you tried to research "Sumin"? Could be Polish as well as any place in the Austro-Hungarian empire. Naturalization records will help with that a bit, likely. Ah, its POLISH: Wiki says "Sumin [ˈsumin] is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Wierzbinek, within Konin County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, in west-central Poland."

A parallel method of research is to skip directly back to Ye Old Sod. Its a lot lot lot easier to do that these days & there now must be some member of the Society who's already working the region. To my knowedge, the Society is NOT developing an in-house expert on Eastern Europe/Russia genealogy at present, but perhaps Research Service might know of a member who's working real hard. Again, review all possible links to genealogy online with Sumin, Poland, etc.  Or repose this as a question David as the Online Genealogist. I could direct you to the relevant material on 6th floor Reference but neither you nor I are in Boston.

Hopes this helsp as least in a kick-start way.

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Created By:carlene golding

Mr. Rodgers:

This probably won't help your search but you may find it interesting.  My husband and I bought a property in Princetown (just West of Schenectady in 2002).  The core of the old farmhouse was built in the mid 1800's and has been added onto many times.

During renovations (digging a trench where almost an entire 1927 car was discovered, too rusted and incomplete to be restored) and gardening we would come across items buried in various places on our 30 acres or discovered in the basement.

I would usually put the glass items in my china cabinet since, being from the West coast, anything very old is interesting to me.

I just noticed today that one of the bottles we found had a name on it so I searched on Google and came across your post.

The bottle is clear glass, very old as can be seen by the very crude manufacturing process and all the bubbles in the glass.

Below is what is on the glass (not printed but formed by the glass itself).

Inside a circle are the words:



     28 FL.OZ.


(then an image of an arrow)


Below the circle are the words





I tried to take a picture to send but discovered it is impossible for me to do so not being a professional photographer.

If you have any interest in the bottle we would be pleased to give it to you.


Carlene & Paul Golding

162 Overlook Lane, Princetown NY 12056  

(You can see on Google Earth where your bottle is

518 356 7018

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