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Elizabeth (Betsey) Smith second wife of Jeremiah Lawrence
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Created By:Christine

My brick wall concerns the mother of Jabez Lawrence, my grandfather.  In two family genaealogies, Historical Genealogy of the Lawrence Family by Thomas Lawrence and Genealogy of the Ancestry of Isaac Lawrence by Frederick Salmon Pease, she is referred to as the sister of Willard and Obadiah Smith.  After a trip to Canaan and Falls Village  Connecticut, I have come to the conclusion that the name Obadiah is incorrect.  I have found eveidence of a Jedediah, brother of Willard, and no evidence of a brother Obadiah.  I looked at the BMD records, as well as land sales and probate records.  I found sale of land to Willard Smith from Stephen Lawrence around the time of Elizabeth's marriage to Jeremiah Lawrence.  I found Jedediah and Willard Smith on Census records, but no mention of Obadiah.

I suspect that Willard and Jedediah were the sons of Moses and Mary Wheeler Smith and Elizabeth was the sister spoken of.  They were all born at Canterbury, Ct.  Mary Wheeler Smith was also the youngest sister of Olive Wheeler Lawrence, Jeremiah's first wife.

What should my next move be?  I'm at a loss as to where to turn next.   

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Created By:Robert M.

(30+ years a member and the counter will likely rank me "Beginner" & now very interested to see what date it gives also. Hah!)


Congrats on getting the direct documentation that shows that JedeDIAH morphed into ObaDIAH in the old published genealogies.


One way to go is to do up the Moses and Mary (Wheeler) Smith family unit in a modern Register format, so as to organize your research data into a readable presentation. Usually, the unexplored areas in need of further work pop-up right away. This will also assist you in placing Elizabeth Smith firmly in that family. This means doing Willard, Jedediah and any other children's families as well (unto the fourth generation!) There is a revised Wheeler Genealogy available online through Special Collections, Concord Free Public Library website to get at Mary Wheeler and her natal family, for instance.


Organizing your data into something like Anderson's "Preserved Puritan" format is also useful even for contemporary people. Categories can be moved around.


For us to comment further, I for one would need to know what years we are talking about here. Part of its obviously 1850 and post that re censuses, and with things like where it appears Jeremiah's first wife is his second wife's aunt. Dates and timelines are also useful in checking against whether certain records are available. Ditto family moves: How long did they stay in the same area? etc.


NOTE that with a first name like WILLARD, Willard Smith is very likely to have fairly recent descent from the Simon Willard family of Concord, perhaps even from/related to CT clockmakers. So check those lines online which are taken from the big Willard book.


If there is a particular area you'd like to concentrate on, rephrase the idea and repost (with dates). Thanks and best wishes.


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