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Created By:Peter

I am interested in collaborating with anyone descending from Hoskins or Haskins families from the area of Taunton, Middleborough, Freetown or Rochester, Massachusetts.  I have an extensive list of descendants down to today, but have been unable to identify parents for my GGGG grandfather, Abner Haskins (~1775-1853).   I am particularly interested in any family history that points to marriages of Hoskins/Haskins males to Wampanoag Indian females.

Peter Haskell

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Created By:Valerie

My 3rd great-grandfather (twice over) was Abner Haskins of Freetown, (1816-1883), but I have been unable to determine his parentage. I have been trying to determine his relationship, if any, to the Abner Haskins who was born in Freetown about 1750, served in the Rev. War, and died in 1823. There must be one, but I have not found it yet. The Freetown records that exist, as you know, are badly preserved, and I can find no will for either of these Abners. I have some records of other Abners, but I lack birth and death dates for them. One married Hope Reynolds in 1765 in Middleboro; another married Roba Barden Chase in 1797, also in Middleboro. They may be the same Abner. I don't know if either is your Abner. My Abner had a son, Abner Jr. in 1837, who in turn had a son, Abner F., in 1865, all in Freetown.


I would be happy to contribute what little I have. Finding nothing in the town records online at, and nothing in probate records, I am currently searching the Court of Common Pleas for Bristol County for Haskins records from microfilm at my local LDS FHL. I don't know if this would be helpful to you or if you've already done this.


I have Haskells and Pittsleys and Reynolds in my tree, as I imagine you do. My tree doesn't have branches as much as it has braids. I have not located any Haskins marriages involving Indians. I can only tell you I am pretty sure there are none in my tree yet.




Valerie in FL

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Created By:Sue

I have some information about the Haskins family who went to Iowa and married into the Newberry family there.  Elizabeth Haskins (daughter of Lincoln) married James A. Newberry.  He is known to have been descended from the Cherokee.  They were involved with the LDS Church in 1847.  Later, they stepped away from it and joined the RLDS.  Here is some of my research on the subject.


I would be willing to share other info that I have.


Sue Simonich

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