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NS: Chaplin (Brick Wall request for help)
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Created By:Michael Chaplin, M.D.

Trying to break through a brick wall. Searching for information on the origins of the Chaplin (Chaplin/Chaplain/Chapplain/Chapline) family in the Halifax/Musquodoboit Valley/Chaplin areas of Nova Scotia:


1) John Chaplin m. Mary Baillie/Bailey (dates unknown for either)

2) John Howe Chaplin (b.1800) m. Jennet Geddes Fisher (b.1804)

3) Alexander McNutt Fisher Chaplin (b.1823) m. (2nd) Emily Augusta Dunbar (b.1837)


Hoping to find more information on the generations before John Howe Chaplin, including when they arrived in NS, and from where. 


I'm not aware of any connection to the Chaplin family of Rowley, Massachusetts, or the Chaplin family of the Carolinas/Virginia, although it is reported without documentation that Mary Baillie was originally from the Carolinas. Alexander McNutt Fisher Chaplin moved from NS to Massachusetts, so there are a number of New England Chaplins who are not from the Rowley Chaplins.


Any advice or information is welcome.

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Created By:Tom Carlson


I suggest you take a look at Byron K Jennings book, "People of Musquodoboit Valley". Look at Chapter 15, Descendants of John Chaplin.

The PDF version is available for download at

Tom Carlson

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Created By:Michael Chaplin, M.D.

Thank you, Tom! 

That work gives an alternate name (Elizabeth Daley) for "Mary Bailey" which could very well be correct, but I've seen both. I've also seen the conjecture that John was from England, but I've also seen alternate theories, none with anything to back them up. It's great to see confirmation of much of what I've been able to put together for the descendants, though! (Actually, now that I think about it, what you've referred me to was probably the source from which many of the other sources I found were derived ... I've noticed a few very familiar misspellings!)

Thanks again for the reference!


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