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Haradon Family of early 17th Century Norton, MA
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Created By:Edward

Does anyone have any data indicating from whence they came?

My ancestors go back to John Haradon in 1732 and possibly to William Haradon in 1706 (believed to be the William Haradon born in Billerica, MA in 1706 and removed to Norton before John's birth in 1732.

John Haradon <-- William Haradon <--  John Haradon

  b. 1723               b. 1706                 b. 16??

  Norton, MA          Billerica, MA           England?

William and Abigail Grey Haradon had 13 children, all born in Norton.  Abigail died in Norton circa. 1790, I have not found a record of William's death 

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