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Whence Henry Straight?
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Created By:Wayne J. Straight

Yes, I'm a descendant of Henry Straight who appeared as if by magic in 1670's RI. Nobody (and many have tried) has ever been able to identify his antecedents or genesis, but the consensus seems to be that he was of English extraction (possibly of English birth.)

My questions are:

1) How many Straights/Straits/Strates/Streets/Streights/Streits were in New England during the early Colonial time period (i.e., 16th-17th Century), where, and how might they be related?

2) Given the fact that Straight (and its several variants) is a surname common to both the British Isles & the Continent (German, Dutch, Ashkenazi), what is the likelihood that Henry was of English extraction?

3) If English, where is the most likely place(s) in England from which he might have derived?

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Created By:Linda Sery
Wayne, My WRIGHT ancestors came from Canada to Benning, VT.  Their french name was LaDroit, which loosely translated means the Strait or the Wright way to go.  So I had brothers living in the same house with two different last names:  Wright and Strait.  Perhaps you have a French relative! Linda
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Created By:Rich Rezie

From what I have found there was only one family line that actually spelled their name "Straight."  I have considerable information on Henry Powell Straigh, his father Royal Allen Straight, and his granfther Heny Straight in Ohio if interested.


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