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Scotland FAQ
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Created By:Ellie Spinney

Do you have genealogical questions related to Scotland? Information about Scottish genealogy or a genealogical resource? Please post anything related to Scottish family history on this forum.

1) Please, no profanity, spam or chain letters. Solicitations and other promotions will be deleted.

2) We encourage people to post opinions and points of view, but please be respectful of others.

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Created By:Martha
I'm looking for information on an ancestor who was a baker in Scotland around 1849.  Is there a Guild of Bakers list?  Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Created By:Janice Moerschel
There is a website "Scotland's People" (just google it).  It can be quite useful but a bit tricky to search at times.  The problem with it is that you buy a certain number of "credits" and you can use them up quite quickly.  You pay 1 credit to view a list of results, then 5 credits to view an individual result (no charge for re-viewing the same record).  Census records actually cost a bit more.  But it is certainly worth a shot! does have some of the Scottish census records but you cannot see the originals there.

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