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Created By:Ellie Spinney

The NEHGS General Genealogy forum is intended to be used for general genealogical questions. Any posts in this area that pertain to a different topic on the forum may be moved.


1) Please, no profanity, spam or chain letters. Solicitations and other promotions will be deleted.

2) We encourage people to post opinions and points of view, but please be respectful of others.

3) If you require assistance with anything related to these forums, please email the message board administrator at

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Created By:Katherine
I found that old deeds can hold information that is valuable.  In Vermont, a deed stated that 'the grantee was the son of the grantor' .   This was valuable to me as I could not locate a birth or death record for my ancestor.  I only knew that he was my gg grandfather.   Now I have searched back to 1668.
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Created By:J. Markgren

      This month's question deals with any black sheep in our family history. I think that the story in my family history is hilarious. Way back one of my male Swedish ancestors married a Norwegian woman.

                               Thanks,     Russ Markgren 


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