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  • #61 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of the Stanleys of Hartford

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : July 19, 2002
    Note: In The American Genealogist 80 (2005): 217-223, Leslie Mahler proved that the parents of the Hartford immigrants John (bp. at Tenterden, Kent 2 Oct. 1598), Thomas (bp. there 12 April 1601), and Timothy Stanley (bp. there 1 April 1604) were Robert Stan[d]ley, buried at Tenterden, Kent 1 June 1605, and probably Ruth ____, who married Humphrey Uredge at Tenterden 16 Sept. 1605. Robert’s (and probably Ruth’s) son John Stanley married Elizabeth Uredge, likely his stepsister, at Benenden, Kent 14 Oct. 1623. She was buried at Tenterden 12 Dec. 1632, and her husband died on the voyage to New England.

    Among the founders of Hartford commemorated on the “Founders’ Monument” in the city’s “Ancient Burying Ground” are two Andrewses, two Blisses, two Bronsons, two Butlers, two Goodwins, two Hales, two Hopkinses, two Marvins, two Pratts, two Richardses, two Ruscoes, two Smiths, two Spencers, two Steeles, two Stones, two Wakelees, and two Warners. Only four surnames are represented by three probably related settlers; these four are Clarke, Lord, Olmsted, and Stanley. I descend from two of the last (Stanleys) and as with Howlands, Lathrops, Dwights, and various other colonial families in my ancestry, I have been “collecting” notable Stanley descendants for many years.

    The three “founder” Stanleys were the brothers Thomas and Timothy, and their nephew John (Jr.), this last the son of an elder John Stanley who died en route to the colonies. The descendants of Thomas and Timothy, of their nephew John (Jr.), and of John {Jr.}’s sister, Ruth (Stanley) Moore, were adequately but not authoritatively treated by Israel Perkins Warren in his 1887 work, The Stanley Families of America, as Descended from John, Timothy, and Thomas Stanley of Hartford, Ct., 1636. In 1926 Ernest Flagg, brother of Mrs. Charles Scribner, Jr. (wife of the New York publisher), son and nephew of painters Jared Bradley Flagg and George Whiting Flagg respectively, and a cousin of the Vanderbilts of “The Breakers” in Newport, published Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England: My Ancestors’ Part in that Undertaking, a volume reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company in 1973, and by Clearfield in 1990. Ernest Flagg was descended from all three of the Stanleys on the monument, and on pp. 341-345 presented findings on the origins of the Hartford Stanleys which Mr. Mahler disproved. The newly-found Kentish Stanleys have no known connection to the Cheshire-derived earls of Derby.

    In New England the Stanleys are primarily associated with Hartford, but Thomas died in Hadley, Mass. Descendants of John Stanley (Jr.) lived in Farmington and Norwalk. St. Johns are also associated with Norwalk, Cowleses with Farmington, and Porters with Hadley. Well-known Hartford families with whom the Stanleys soon intermarried include Hooker (grandsons of Rev. Thomas) and Pitkins (the family of the governor). Later Stanley descendants reflect the geographical and social gamut of many Connecticut and Connecticut Valley progenies. Descendants include some Boston Brahmins (with a few “flowers of New England”), both New York and Midwestern tycoon families, several presidents and educators associated with Yale, various political figures (including the wife of a recent British Foreign Secretary), and even a Texas pioneer, the wife of an English conductor, and several Hollywood actors or actresses, or their spouses.

    In column #58 of this series I covered the Stanley descents of novelist Edith [Newbold Jones] Wharton, abolitionist John Brown of Harper’s Ferry, naval secretary Gideon Welles, Mrs. Charles Evans Hughes (Ellen Antoinette Carter, wife of the presidential candidate and U.S. Chief Justice) and Mrs. Henry Gordon Selfridge (Rosalie Amelia Buckingham, wife of the founder of Selfridge’s Department Store in London) (second list, #s 9-12, 44). In Notable Kin, Volume One (1998, NK1) and Notable Kin, Volume Two (1999, NK2), I treated Stanley lines of the two presidents Bush (1:117-19, 121); Connecticut “signer” William Williams (1:141); educator Emma (Hart) Willard (1:214); Union general Joseph Hooker (V) (1:221-22); aviation pioneers Wilbur and Orville Wright (2:37); inventors George Eastman and Lee deForest (2:42-44); Mrs. Augustus Chapman Allen (Charlotte Maria Baldwin) of Houston (2:102); Mrs. William Marsh Rice (Mrs. Julia Elizabeth Baldwin Brown), wife of the founder of Rice Institute, later University; the first Mrs. Howard Robards Hughes, Jr. (Ella Botts Rice), wife of the billionaire recluse (2:18, 99), Mrs. William Stamps Farish, Jr. (Libbie Randen Rice, wife of the president of Humble Oil Co., now Exxon, and Standard Oil of New Jersey) (2:3, 18, 99); gun manufacturer Samuel Colt (2:110); painter George Catlin (2:111); actor Humphrey [DeForest] Bogart (2:117); Mrs. Henry Fonda (second wife, Frances Ford Seymour), wife of the actor, mother of actor Peter and actress Jane Fonda [Vadim Hayden Turner] and grandmother of actress Bridget Fonda (2:118, 120); actor Anthony Perkins (2:118); and composer Cole Porter (2:126). In Ancestors of American Presidents, 1st ed. (1995), p. 52 (#137), 282, I outlined the Stanley descent of 22nd and 24th president [Stephen] Grover Cleveland, and in New England Ancestors 3 (2002), 5-6: 34-37, the Stanley line of William Sloane Coffin, Jr., the social activist, chaplain of Yale, and rector of Riverside Church (N.Y.C.) and Serena Alleyne Stanhope Armstrong-Jones, Viscountess Linley, daughter-in-law of Princess Margaret.

    In addition to the above 30 notable Stanley scions, 14 of the already-treated Howland, Lathrop and Dwight descendants also figure in the progeny of Thomas, Timothy or John Stanley. The Stanley descents of these 14 can be outlined as follows:

    31. Edward Everett Hale, 1822-1909, Unitarian clergyman, author of “The Man Without a Country” (wife, Emily Baldwin Perkins, great-granddaughter of Timothy Pitkin & Howland descendant Temperance Clapp; William Pitkin [III], governor of Connecticut, & Mary Woodbridge; William Pitkin, Jr. & Elizabeth Stanley; Caleb Stanley & Hannah Cowles; Timothy Stanley & Elizabeth ____; Robert Stan[d]ley & [prob.] Ruth ____).

    32. Charles Seymour, 1885-1963, president of Yale University 1937-1951; Thomas Day Seymour (a great-great-grandson of Timothy Pitkin and Temperance Clapp, see above and New England Ancestors 1 [2000], 5-6:41-42) & Sarah Melissa Hitchcock; Henry Lawrence Hitchcock & Clarissa Mary Sophia Ford; Peter Hitchcock & Abigail Cook, Stephen Ford & & Eunice Brooks; Elam Cook & Abigail Hall (parents of Abigail and Esther), John Ford & Esther Cook; Joseph Hall & Abigail Judd; Thomas Judd, Jr. & Sarah Gaylord; Joseph Gaylord & Sarah Stanley; John Stanley (Jr.) & Sarah Scott (1st wife); John Stanley & Elizabeth Uredge; Robert Stan[d]ley & (prob.) Ruth ____.

    33. [William] Stuart Symington, Jr., 1901-1988, U.S. senator from Missouri, first Secretary of the Air Force (first wife, Evelyn Wadsworth; James Wolcott Wadsworth, Jr., U.S. senator, & Howland, Deighton and Lygon descendant Alice Evelyn Hay, see New England Ancestors 1 [2000], 2:40-41; James Wolcott Wadsworth & Louisa Travers; James Samuel Wadsworth & Mary Craig Wharton; James Wadsworth & Naomi Wolcott; John Noyes Wadsworth & Esther Parsons; James Wadsworth, Jr. & Abigail Penfield; James Wadsworth & Ruth Noyes; John Wadsworth & Sarah Stanley; Thomas Stanley & Bennett Tritton; Robert Stan[d]ley & [prob.] Ruth ____).

    34. Brigham Young, 1801-1877, Mormon leader and colonizer of Utah (Mrs. Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs, one of 16 wives by whom Young left issue, granddaughter of William Huntington & Howland and Lathrop descendant Presinda Lathrop; John Huntington [III] & Mehitable Steele; Stephen Steele & Ruth Porter; Samuel Porter, Jr. & Joanna Cook; Samuel Porter & Hannah Stanley; Thomas Stanley & Bennett Tritton).

    35. Thomas Edmund Dewey, 1902-1971, governor of New York, Republican presidential candidate in 1944 and 1948, grandson of George Martin Dewey & Lathrop descendant Emma Bingham; Granville Dewey & Harriet B. Freeman; Otis Freeman & Theoda Capron; Edmund Freeman & Sarah Porter; John Porter & Abigail Arnold; Experience Porter & Abigail Williams; Samuel Porter & Hannah Stanley, see #34 above.

    36. Franklin Henry Giddings, 1855-1931, pioneer sociologist, great-great-great-grandson of Lathrop descendant Thomas Fuller, Jr. & Martha Rowley; Moses Rowley & Martha Porter; John Porter (III) & Joanna Gaylord; John Porter, Jr. & Mary Stanley; Thomas Stanley & Bennett Tritton.

    37. John Marshall Harlan II, 1899-1971, associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court (wife, Ethel Andrews, great-granddaughter of John Williams & Lathrop descendant Mary Dyer; Ezekiel Williams [brother of “signer” William Williams, see NK1:141-42] & Prudence Stoddard; Solomon Williams & Mary Porter; Samuel Porter & Joanna Cook, see #34 above).

    38. Charles Scribner, Jr., 1854-1927, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1879-1928 (wife, Louisa Flagg, granddaughter of Samuel Hart & Lathrop descendant Orpha North; Elijah Hart [III] & Anna Andrews; Elijah Hart, Jr. & Sarah Gilbert; Ebenezer Gilbert & Mercy Cowles; Samuel Cowles [III] & Sarah Wadsworth; Samuel Cowles, Jr. & Rachel Porter, John Wadsworth, Jr. & Elizabeth Stanley; Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley, John Wadsworth & Sarah Stanley [see #31 above], John Stanley [Jr.] & Sarah Fletcher (2nd wife); Timothy Stanley & Elizabeth ____ [parents of Abigail], John Stanley & Elizabeth Uredge [parents of John, Jr.], see #s 31 and 32 above).

    39. Charles Scribner (III), 1890-1952, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1933-1952, son of #38 above & Louisa Flagg.

    41. Charles Scribner (IV), 1921-1995, president of Charles Scribner’s Sons, publishers, 1952-1977, son of #39 above & Vera Gordon Bloodgood.

    41. Rufus Choate, 1797-1859, lawyer, orator, U.S. senator (wife, Helen Mills Olcott; Pelatiah Mills Olcott & Dwight descendant Sarah Porter; Peter Olcott & Sarah Mills; Pelatiah Mills & Martha Chapman; Peter Mills & Joanna Porter; John Porter (III) & Joanna Gaylord, see #36 above).

    42. William Morris Hunt, 1824-1879, artist, grandson of Dwight descendant Thaddeus Leavitt & Jemima Loomis; Luther Loomis & Jemima Bronson; Graves Loomis & Elizabeth Smith; Nathaniel Loomis, Jr. & Anne Allen; Nathaniel Loomis & Ruth Porter; John Porter, Jr. & Mary Stanley, see #36 above.

    43. Richard Morris Hunt, 1828-1895, architect (of Newport “cottages” esp.), brother of #42 above.

    44. Julie [Anne] Harris, b. 1925, actress, great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter of John Hart & Dwight descendant Desire Palmer; Thomas Hart (III) & Anna Stanley; Thomas Stanley & Anna Peck; John Stanley, Jr. & Sarah Scott (1st wife), see #32 above.

    45. William Sydney Porter, known as O. Henry, 1862-1910, short-story writer; Algernon Sydney Porter & Mary Jane Virginia Swain; Sidney Porter & Howland descendant Ruth Coffin Worth; Eleazer Williams Porter & Sarah Keyes; Eleazer Porter, Jr. & Susanna Edwards (daughter of theologian Jonathan Edwards & Sarah Pierpont, see NK1:107, 109-10); Eleazer Porter & Sarah Pitkin; Samuel Porter, Jr. & Joanna Cook (see #32 above), William Pitkin, Jr. & Elizabeth Stanley (see #31 above).

    Notable Stanley descendants covered, but for other descents only, in NK1 and NK2, include:

    46. Frederick Edwin Church, 1826-1900, painter, see NK2:26, 29, grandson of Howland descendant Samuel Church & Dorothy Olmsted; Samuel Olmsted & Jerusha Pitkin; Caleb Pitkin & Dorothy Hills; Roger Pitkin & Hannah Stanley; Caleb Stanley & Hannah Cowles, see #31 above.

    47. John Henry O’Hara, 1905-1970, short-story writer and novelist (third wife, Mrs. Katharine Lansing Barnes Bryan, see NK1:22, granddaughter of Henry Burr Barnes & Howland, Parke and Thompson descendant Hannah Elizabeth Dixon; Alfred Smith Barnes & Holton descendant Harriet Elizabeth Burr; Eli Barnes & Susan Morris; Asa Barnes & Phebe Adkins; Luther Adkins & Eunice Andrews; Daniel Andrews & Mary Cowles; Isaac Cowles & Mary Andrews; Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley, see #38 above).

    48. Harvey Samuel Firestone, Jr., 1898-1973, industrialist, president of Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., 1941-48 (wife, Elizabeth Parke, see NK2:11-12, great-great-granddaughter of David Hickox & (Elizabeth Alsop, Bulkeley, Chetwode and Chauncey descendant) Adah Baldwin; John Hickox, Jr. & Eunice Warner; John Hickox & Mary Gaylord; Joseph Gaylord, Jr. & Mary Hickox; Joseph Gaylord & Sarah Stanley, see #32 above).

    49. William Clay Ford, b. 1925, Ford Motor Company executive, brother of Henry Ford II (wife, Martha Parke Firestone, daughter of #48 above and Elizabeth Parke).

    50. William Clay Ford, Jr., b. 1957, president of Ford Motor Co., son of #49 above & Martha Parke Firestone.

    51. Norman [Perceval] Rockwell, 1894-1978, illustrator, esp. for the SaturdayEveningPost, see NK2:28, 30, great-great-grandson of Runa Rockwell and Bulkeley and Chetwode descendant Rachel Darling; Abraham Rockwell & Esther Riggs; John Rockwell & Elizabeth Keeler; Joseph Keeler & Elizabeth Whitney; Samuel Keeler & Sarah St. John; Mark St. John & Elizabeth Stanley; Timothy Stanley & Elizabeth ____.

    52. Josiah Royce, 1855-1916, philosopher (wife, Katherine Herd, great-granddaughter of Anne Marbury, Dudley, Deighton and Lygon descendant Dudley Atkins Tyng & Sarah Higginson, see NK2:209-10, 213-15; Stephen Higginson & Susannah Cleveland; Aaron Cleveland [III] & Susannah Porter; Aaron Porter & Susannah Sewall; Samuel Porter, Jr. & Joanna Cook, see #34 above).

    53. John Phillips Marquand II, 1893-1960, novelist, a half-first cousin once removed of Mrs. Royce and a great-great-grandson of Anne Marbury, Dudley, Deighton and Lygon descendant Dudley Atkins Tyng & Sarah Higginson, see NK2:209, 21, 213-15 and #52 above.

    Stanleydescendants treated in recent columns who are not Howland, Lathrop or Dwight descendants include:

    54. Noah Porter (III), 1811-1892, president of Yale College, 1871-86; Noah Porter, Jr. & Elizabeth St. John descendant Mehitable Meigs, see New England Ancestors 1 (2000), 4:44; Noah Porter, Jr. & Rachel Merrill; Robert Porter & Sarah Smith; Thomas Porter & Abigail Cowles; Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley, see #38 above.

    55. Arthur Twining Hadley, 1856-1930, economist, president of Yale University, 1899-1921; see New England Ancestors 1, 5-6:40-42, grandson of Southworth descendant Stephen Twining & Almira Catlin; Alexander Catlin & Abigail Goodwin; John Catlin & Margaret Seymour; Samuel Catlin & Elizabeth Norton; John Norton, Jr. & Ruth Moore; Isaac Moore & Ruth Stanley; John Stanley & Elizabeth Uredge.

    56. Walter Chauncey Camp, 1859-1925, Yale football coach, promoter of American football, see column 53, #18, great-great-grandson of Elijah Hart, Jr. & (Margaret Wyatt and) Stanley descendant Sarah Gilbert, see #38 above.

    57. Henry Agard Wallace, 1888-1965, U.S. secretary of agriculture and commerce, U.S. vice president 1941-45, and Progressive Party candidate in 1948, see column 53, #28, great-great-great-great-grandson of Anne Lloyd descendant Eaton Jones & Elizabeth Catlin; Thomas Catlin & Abigail Bissell; Samuel Catlin & Elizabeth Norton, see #53 above.

    58. William Howard Taft, 1857-1930, 27th U.S. President, 10th Chief Justice (wife and First Lady Helen Herron, see column 59, #2, a great-great-great-great-granddaughter, via Herron, Collins and Cowles, of Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley, see #38 above).

    59. Robert Alphonso Taft, 1889-1953, U.S. senator (“Mr. Republican”), son of #58 above & Helen Herron, and husband of Dwight descendant Martha Wheaton Bowers.

    Near kinsmen of several of the first 28 of the above figures include:

    60. James Joseph “Gene” Tunney, 1898-1978, boxer, world heavyweight champion 1926-28 (wife, Mary Josephine Rowland Lauder; George Lauder, Jr. & Katherine Morgan Rowland; Pynchon and Lygon descendant George Rowland [see New England Ancestors 1 (2000): 3:44] & Maria Townsend Durfee; Philo Durfee & Mary Warner White; James White & Rosamond Warner; Stephen Warner [grandfather by his first wife, Lois Goss, of Houston mayor Horace Baldwin, forebear of the Rice-Hughes-Farish-Lummis clan, see NK2:3, 16-19, 99, 102, 104] & Mary Norton; Joseph Warner & Mary Hubbard; John Hubbard & Hannah Cowles; Timothy Cowles & Hannah Pitkin; Samuel Cowles & Abigail Stanley, see #38 above).

    61. Benjamin Silliman, 1779-1864, scientist, educator (second wife, Mrs. Sarah Isabella McClellan Webb, see NK1:13, 16; John McClellan & Faith Williams; Stanley descendant and Connecticut “signer” William Williams, see NK1:141-42 & #37 above, & Mary Trumbull).

    62. [Mrs.] Ethel Barrymore [Colt], 1879-1959, actress (husband, Russell Griswold Colt; Samuel Pomeroy Colt & Elizabeth Mitchelson Bullock; Christopher Colt [brother of gun manufacturer Samuel Colt, see NK2:110, 112] & Theodora Goujard DeWolf; Christopher Colt & Sarah Caldwell; John Caldwell, Jr. & Margaret Collyer; John Caldwell & Mary Church; James Church & Abigail Stanley; Caleb Stanley [husband firstly of Hannah Cowles] & Sarah Foster, see #31 above).

    In addition to the above 60 figures, all of whom I have covered, to some extent, in previous books, articles, or Internet columns, 15 notables of Stanley descent are “new” to my documented corpus. These 15, some treated for other lines in American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales (1984), are as follows, with their Stanley descents outlined in the usual format for this column:

    63. John Davison Rockefeller III, 1906-1978, philanthropist (founder of the Population Council, president of Lincoln Center, etc.) (wife, Blanchette Ferry Hooker, mother by JDR III of John Davison Rockefeller IV, b. 1937, governor of West Virginia and U.S. senator; Elon Huntington Hooker & Blanche Ferry; Horace B. Hooker & Susan Pamelia Huntington; Horace Hooker & Helen Wolcott; James Hooker & Mary Chaffee; Nathaniel Hooker, Jr. & Eunice Talcott; Nathaniel Hooker & Mary Stanley; Nathaniel Stanley & Sarah Boosey; Thomas Stanley & Bennett Tritton).

    64. Edwin Laurentine Drake, 1819-1880, pioneer petroleum industrialist, first discoverer of underground oil; Lyman Drake & Laura Lee; Eli Drake & Armitta Buell; Joel Drake & Althea Cross; Josiah Drake & Hannah Wilson; Nathaniel Drake & Rebecca Barber; Enoch Drake & Sarah Porter; John Porter, Jr. & Mary Stanley, see #36 above.

    65. Henry Lee Higginson, 1834-1919, banker, founder of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, donor of Soldier’s Field to Harvard; George Higginson, Jr. & Mary Cabot Lee; George Higginson & Martha Hubbard Babcock; Stephen Higginson & Susannah Cleveland, see #s 52 and 34 above.

    66. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882, poet (second wife, Frances Elizabeth Appleton; Nathan Appleton & Maria Theresa Gold; Thomas Gold & Martha Marsh; Perez Marsh & Sarah Williams; Job Marsh & Mehitable Porter; Samuel Porter, Jr. & Joanna Cooke, see #34 above).

    67. Marcus Alonzo “Mark” Hanna, 1837-1904, Cleveland businessman, politician and U.S. senator; Leonard Hanna & Samantha Maria Converse; Porter Converse & Rhoda Howard; Israel Converse & Hannah Walbridge; Amos Walbridge, Jr. & Margaret _____; Amos Walbridge & Theoda Porter; Experience Porter & Abigail Williams; Samuel Porter & Hannah Stanley, see #34 above.

    68. Sir Thomas Beecham, 2nd Bt., 1879-1961, composer and conductor (first wife, Utica Welles; Charles Stuart Welles & Ella Celeste Miles; Henry Spalding Welles & Amelia Hannah Beardsley; Henry Welles & Sarah Spalding; George Welles & Prudence Talcott; John Welles & Jerusha Edwards; Thomas Welles & Martha Pitkin, Samuel Edwards & Jerusha Pitkin; William Pitkin, Jr. & Elizabeth Stanley [parents of Martha and Jerusha], see #31 above).

    69. Spencer Tracy, 1900-1967, actor (wife, Louisa Ten Broeck Treadwell; Alliene Wetmore Treadwell & Bright Smith; George Edwards Treadwell & Caroline Tudor Wetmore; Oliver Wetmore Treadwell & Anna Helena Kramer; John Pomeroy Treadwell & Hannah Edwards Wetmore; John Treadwell & Dorothy Pomeroy; Ephraim Treadwell & Mary Porter; William Porter & Mary Smith; Thomas Porter & Abigail Cowles, see #54 above).

    70. MosesYale Beach, 1800-1861, inventor, co-founder of the New York Sun, pioneer penny newspaper; Moses Sperry Beach & Lucretia Yale; Elihu Yale & Lucretia Stanley; Abraham Stanley & Prudence Pinney; Samuel Stanley & Elizabeth Bronson; John Stanley (IV) & Esther Newell; John Stanley, Jr. & Sarah Scott (1st wife), see #32 above.

    71. Joseph Hodges Choate, 1832-1917, lawyer and diplomat (wife, Caroline Dutcher Sterling; Frederick Augustine Sterling & Caroline Mary Dutcher; Ruloff Dutcher, Jr. & Lucinda Howe; Elisha Howe & Olive Johnson; Jeremiah Howe [IV] & Martha North; Jeremiah Howe [III] & Elizabeth Gaylord; John Gaylord & Elizabeth Hickox; Joseph Gaylord & Sarah Stanley, see #32 above).

    72. Mark Hopkins, 1802-1887, educator, president of Williams College, 1836-1872 (wife, Mary Hubbell; Lyman Hubbell & Louisa Rossiter; Eleazer Hubbell & Anna Noble; Daniel Noble & Mary Gaylord; William Gaylord & Joanna Minor; Joseph Gaylord & Sarah Stanley, see #32 above).

    73. Caleb Strong, Jr., 1745-1819, Federalist statesman, lawyer, U.S. senator and governor of Massachusetts (wife, Sarah Hooker; John Hooker [III] & Sarah Worthington; John Hooker, Jr. & Mercy Hart; John Hooker & Abigail Stanley; John Stanley, Jr. & Sarah Fletcher [2nd wife], see #38 above).

    74. Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1848-1933, art patron, glassmaker and designer of the “Tiffany lamp” (1st wife, Mary Woodbridge Goddard; Levi Hart Goddard & Mary Woodbridge Perkins; Calvin Goddard & Alice Cogswell Hart; Levi Hart & Rebecca Bellamy; Thomas Hart [III] & Anna Stanley; Thomas Stanley & Anna Peck, see #44 above).

    75. Christian Archibald Herter, 1895-1967, governor of Massachusetts, U.S. secretary of state under Eisenhower; Albert Herter & Adele McGinnis; Christian Herter & Mary Niles; Archibald Miles & Mary Treese; Erastus Miles & Sarah Fiske; Ichabod Ebenezer Fiske & Eleanor Roberts; Ebenezer Fiske, Jr. & Sarah Newell; Samuel Newell, Jr. & Sarah Norton; John Norton, Jr. & Ruth Moore, see #55 above.

    76. [Charles] Anthony [Raven] Crosland, 1918-1977, British M.P., Foreign Secretary 1976-1977 (2nd wife, Mrs. Susan Barnes Watson Catling; Mark Skinner Watson & Susan Owens; Winslow Charles Watson & Ella Salina Barnes; Winslow Cossoul Watson & Susan Pierpont Skinner; Richard Skinner & Fanny Pierpont; Timothy Skinner & Susanna Marsh; Isaac Marsh & Susanna Pratt; John Pratt [III] & Hannah Norton; John Norton, Jr. & Ruth Moore, see #55 above).

    77. Gail Borden [III], 1801-1874, surveyor, inventor (patented process for evaporating milk, 1856), pioneer of Galveston, Texas (wife, Mrs. Emeline “Emily” Eunice Eno Church; David Eno & Chloe Mills; Samuel Mills & Kezia Filley; Pelatiah Mills, Jr. & Hannah Higley; Pelatiah Mills & Martha Chapman, see #s 41 and 36 above).

    NOTE:The only notable figures I have found to date who are Howland, Lathrop, Dwight and Stanley descendants are the two presidents Bush.


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    Notable Stanley descendants traced in the last several years, mostly before Mr. Mahler’s article, include the following:

    1. Edward Henry Harriman, 1848-1909, railroad tycoon (wife, Mary Williamson Averell, known as Mrs. M. W. A. Harriman, 1851-1932, philanthropist and patron of the arts; William John Averell & Mary Laurence Williamson; James W. Averell & Lydia Ambler; John Ambler, Jr., & Ruth Coley; Ephraim Coley & Lydia Keeler; Jonah Keeler & Ruth Smith; Samuel Keeler & Sarah St. John, see #51 above).

    2. see above.

    3. [William] Averell Harriman, 1891-1986, governor of New York, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, diplomat (whose 3rd wife was Hon. Pamela Beryl Digby Spencer-Churchill Hayward, known as Pamela Harriman, 1920-1996, socialite and U.S. ambassador to France); Edward Henry Harriman & Mary Williamson Averell, above.

    4. Henry Edwards Huntington, 1850-1927, railroad tycoon, financier, and founder of the Huntington Library and Art Gallery in San Marino, Calif. (wife, Mary Alice Prentice; Edward Dwight Prentice & Clarissa Stoddard, sister of Mrs. Collis Potter Huntington; Charles Prentice & Clarinda Parmelee; Theodore Parmelee & Keziah Hudson; Abraham Parmelee & Mary Stanley; Nathaniel Stanley & Sarah Smith; John Stanley (IV) & Esther Newell, see #70 above).

    5. Fernando Wood, 1812-1881, congressman, mayor of New York City (2nd wife, Alice Fenner Mills; Drake Mills & Abigail Burrall Sutton; Peter John Mills & Sarah Sage; Ebenezer Mills & Mary Drake; Peter Mills, Jr. & Joanna Porter, see #41 above).

    6. John Foster Dulles, 1888-1959, lawyer, U.S. senator and Secretary of State; great-grandson of Miron Winslow & Lathrop descendant Harriet Wadsworth Lathrop; Nathaniel Winslow, Jr. & Joanna Kellogg; Nathaniel Winslow & Hannah Fitch; Jeremiah Fitch, Jr., & Mercy Porter; Thomas (or Stanley) Porter & Thankful Babcock; Samuel Porter & Hannah Stanley, as per #34 above.

    7. Allen Welsh Dulles, 1893-1969, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1953-1961; Allen Macy Dulles & Edith Foster above.

    8. Howard [Brush] Dean [III], b. 1948, governor of Vermont, Democratic Party leader; Howard Brush Dean, Jr. & Andrea Belden Maitland; Howard Brush Dean & Maria Fahys Cook; Herbert Hollinshed Dean & Marion Atwater Brush; Joseph Beal Brush & Sarah Southmayd Atwater; Jarvis Brush & Sarah Keeler; Timothy Keeler & Lurania DeForest; Samuel Keeler, Jr. & Abiah Benedict; Samuel Keeler & Mary Kendrick; Jonah Keeler & Ruth Smith, as per Mrs. Harriman above.

    9. Edward Crosby Johnson [II], 1898-1984, founder of Fidelity (Fund, later Investments); Samuel Johnson & Josephine Forbush; Amos Howe Johnson & Frances Seymour Benjamin; Nathan Benjamin [III] & Mary Gladding Wheeler; Nathan Benjamin, Jr. & Ruth Seymour; Charles Seymour & Lucy Whitman; John Whitman & Abigail Pantry; John Pantry [III] & Mary Norton; John Norton, Jr., & Ruth Moore, as per #55 above.

    10.. William Henry Gates (III or IV), b. 1955, founder of Microsoft, supposedly the wealthiest person in the U.S.; William Henry Gates (Jr., or III) & Mary Maxwell; James Willard Maxwell, Jr. & Adella Thompson; James Willard Maxwell & Belle Oakley; Thomas George Maxwell & Louise Maria Woodworth; Harvey Woodworth & Emeline Keeler Brush; George Phillips Brush & Polly Keeler; Jeremiah Keeler & Ruth Keeler; Jonah Keeler, Jr. & Mary ____ (parents of Jeremiah); Jonah Keeler & Ruth Smith, again as per Mrs. Harriman above.


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