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  • #23 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of Henry Scudder, d.1594-5, of Horton Kirby, Kent

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : October 2, 1987
    Last week I wrote about the notable descendants of four immigrant Stoughton siblings of New England. One of them, Elizabeth Stoughton, married John Scudder and was the mother of Mrs. Elizabeth Scudder Lathrop of Norwich, Conn., whose noted progeny I considered in some detail. It included presidents Grant and FDR, Viscountess Linley among British "royals," and a host of Revolutionary, political, "tycoon," Boston Brahmin, British or European, Hollywood, Mormon, and later intellectual figures. Today I wish to consider my other new noted distant kinsmen, descendants of Thomas Scudder of Salem, John’s brother, and the father of Thomas Scudder, Jr., of Huntington and John Scudder of Newtown, L.I; or of Mrs. Bridget____Very Giles, whose mother was almost certainly a sister of the elder John and Thomas and daughter of Henry Scudder, d. 1594-5, and Elizabeth ____ of Horton Kirby, Kent.

    John Scudder of Newtown left a son, John Scudder, Jr., who married Joanna Betts, a granddaughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Stoughton Scudder and her 2nd husband, Rev. Robert Chamberlain. As noted last week, Richard Betts Scudder, a son of John and Joanna, was the grandfather of Sarah Scudder, wife of New Jersey "signer" John Hart. Thomas Scudder, Jr., of Huntington left sons Timothy and Benjamin, fathers respectively of Timothy, Jr., and Sarah Scudder, wife of Epenetus Platt (III).Joel Scudder, son of Timothy, Jr., married his cousin, Sarah Brush, daughter of Tredwell Brush and Hannah Platt, daughter of the above Epenetus and Sarah. Sarah Bryant Scudder, a granddaughter of Joel and Sarah, married Benjamin C. Gould and left a daughter Jeannette who married Jehiel Grumman, Jr. Their son, George Tyson Grumman, married his cousin, Grace Ethel Conklin, great-great-great-granddaughter, via Smith, Jarvis, and Carll, of a sister of Joel Scudder. A son of George and Grace was Leroy Randle Grumman, 1895-1982, the founder and president of Grumman Aircraft. His daughter, Mrs. Ellis Phillips, Jr., is one of our former trustees and Advisory Council members, and is compiling a Grumman genealogy for the Newbury Street Press. I was delighted to find that Mrs. Phillips, a longtime friend, was also related to the most famous historical figure with roots in Huntington. For Walt Whitman, Jr., 1819-1892, the poet, was a grandson of Jesse Whitman and Hannah Brush, sister of the above Mrs. Sarah Brush Scudder.

    Mrs. Bridget ____ Very Giles, almost certain cousin of Mrs. Lathrop and Thomas, Jr., and John Scudder of L.I., left two children whom I immediately recognized from earlier research into presidents and prime ministers. Thomas Very, who married Hannah Giles, his stepsister, was the maternal grandfather of Bartholomew Foster, Jr., of Wallingford, Conn., mentioned in the 1997 NEXUS. Lucy Foster, his granddaughter, married Samuel Jerome and was the great grandmother of Leonard Walter Jerome, the Wall Street financier, father of Jenny Jerome, father-in-law of British politician Lord Randolth Churchill, and grandfather of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, often considered the greatest Anglo-American figure of the twentieth century. Churchill’s niece married Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden and another granddaughter of Bartholomew Foster, Jr., married Thaddeus Carter and was the great-great-grandmother of Antoinette Carter, wife of Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, Republican presidential candidate against Wilson in 1916.

    Eleazer Giles, half-brother of Samuel Very, is ancestor no. 228, via Waters and Torrey families, of President William Howard Taft, son of U.S. Secretary of War and Attorney-General Alphonso Taft and father of Ohio Senator Robert Alphonso Taft, "Mr. Republican." These Very and Giles descendants were first associated with Salem, Mass., and then with Sutton and the area around New Haven, Conn. Although by no means as large as the notable Stoughton descendants discussed last week, the L.I. Scudders and their Salem cousins add Walt Whitman, Grummans, Churchills, and Tafts to the distant kin of Mrs. Elizabeth Scudder Lathrop and her descendants. A final note is that NEHGS librarian David Curtis Dearborn is descended from both Mrs. Elizabeth Scudder Bartholomew, daughter of Thomas Scudder of Salem, and from Samuel Very, this last through a daughter who married a son of Salem witchcraft victim Rebecca (Towne) Nourse. I hope once again that this survey of recent research and discoveries has proved of interest to many readers. When I am invited to speak at summer family reunions, I try, if there is time, to conduct such a survey of the family on which I am speaking. I look forward during the holidays to meeting various members and friends in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, at a afternoon session of consultations on December 29, at the home of Society Trustee Henry Adams and his wife Corlyn. Happy Holidays, and I look forward to future columns and your response in 1999.
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