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  • Corrections to “The Ancestry of Thomas Lanier ‘Tennessee’ Williams” (NEXUS 8:108-112)

    Lee Kugler

    101. Nothing is known of the ancestry of Mary (poss.) Burtch, d. ca. 1720. The will of Robert Burtch of Killingly, Conn., (formerly #202), proved 12 Feb. 1745/6 (Windham, Conn., Probate Dist., #570) names dau. Mary Burtch with no indication of marriage.  The will of Elizabeth (Bacon) Burtch of Killingly (formerly #203), proved 5 Apr. 1778 (Pomfret, Conn. Probate Dist., #673), bequeaths to dau. Mary Burtch, evidently still unm.  I checked all pre-revolutionary Burtch probate data, and all pertinent deeds in towns where Burtches lived, but the wife of Jeremiah Sabin, Jr., remains elusive.  She is called Mary Burtch in the 1910 DAR application of Mrs. Edwina Dakin Williams, and Jeremiah Sabin’s will mentions son Burtch Sabin.  Eliminate #s 202-3, 406-7, and 812-15, including the possible line from the royally descended Griffith and Margaret (Fleming) Bowen.

    299, 598, 599. As indicated in the cited reference W.G. Davis, The Ancestry of Dudley Wildes (1959), p. 93, Judith Perkins, b. 1658/9, dau. of Thomas Pekins and Phebe Gould. d. unm. before 1719.  The wife of Nathaniel Brown was Judith Perkins, b. 1655, of Ipswich, dau. of Jacob Perkins (1624-1699/1700) (TP) of Ipswich (a bro. of Thomas and son of John Perkins (TP) and Judith Gater [TP]) and Elizabeth Whipple (ca. 1629-1685/6) (TP), also of Ipswich.  See G.A. Perkins, The Family of John Perkins of Ipswich (1889), Part I, pp. 18-20, Part III, pp. 1-7, 9; F. F. Waterman and D. L. Jacobus, The Granberry Family and Allied Families (1945), pp. 292-93, 347; M. L. Holman, Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury, vol. 1(1938), pp. 43-48; and NEXUS 8:153. This error was kindly brought to my attention by Mrs. Robert Wise of Melrose, Mass.

    333, 666, 667. The wife of Dea. Thomas Baker (ca. 1655-1719) of Boston, blacksmith, was not Mrs. Mary Haugh Smith (b. 1655, of Reading she m. another Thomas Baker, ca. 1653-1704, also a Boston blacksmith), but Sarah Carr (1654-ante 1702, of Salisbury), dau. of George Carr (b. 1682) of Salisbury and Elizabeth ___ (poss. Oliver) (d. 1691).  This identification of the mother of John Baker, b. ca. 1680 (not 1681), is based on Suffolk Co. wills and deeds and corrects various earlier works, esp. D. L. Jacobus, The Bulkeley Genealogy (1933), p. 36.  The two) Thomas Bakers, Boston blacksmiths, will be fully covered in my forthcoming book on the ancestry of Tennessee Williams.  Thomas, b. ca. 1653, m. only Mrs. Mary Haugh Smith, and d. intestate in 1704 (Suffolk Co. Mass. Deeds, 21:541); his children were Brock, John (b. 1681, not Williams ancestor #166), Jacob, Mary, Samuel Benjamin, and Thomas, of whom only John, Thomas (brazier, of Boston, m. Elizabeth Waldron), and Mary (who) d. unm.) reached adulthood. Thomas, b. ca. 1655, m. (1) Sarah Carr; (2) Rebecca ___, wid. of Sampson Waters; and (3) Mrs. Mary Foster Sale Ward, #3-35, wid. of both Ephraim Sale (#334) and Samuel Ward. Thomas Baker’s 1719 will (Suffolk Co. Mass. Probate, #4174) mentions his third wife Mary (mistakenly identified as Mary Haugh by Jacobus) and sons John (b. ca. 1680, Williams ancestor #166, who m. Mary Sale, #167, a step-sister) and Thomas (b. 1683, shipwright, m. Thankful Sale, also a step-sister). Thus Tennessee Williams loses the royal descent of Mrs. Elizabeth Bulkeley Whittingham Haugh and kinship, via Bulkeleys, with Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn.  Despite the loss of Bowen and Bulkeley descents, the playwright retains kinships, via the remaining cited families, to all the presidents and literary figures listed in NEXUS 8:108.

    700, 701. The parents of Edmund Angier, Jr. (1610 [not 1612]-1691/2), #350, were John Anger (ca. 1575-1623/4) and Ann Sherman (4. 1625), of Dedham, Essex. Edmund Angier (d. 1677/8), husband of Bridget Rogers and ancestor of President Franklin Pierce, was a half-bro. of John; both were sons of William Anger (d. 1620-22) of Dedham, Essex, whose first wife (John’s mother) is unknown and whose last wife (Edmund’s mother) was Josan ___ (see W. C. Davis, The Ancestry of Abel Lunt (1963), pp. 163-72). Ann Sherman, dau. of Edmund and Ann (Pellat/Pellate) Sherman of Dedham, belonged to a family ancestral to presidents Taft, Hoover and Bush that has been mentioned several times in this column, most recently in NEXUS 7(1990):209. This error was kindly brought to my attention by Sherman scholar and NEXUS contributor Michael J. Wood of London.

    Besides articles in NEXUS and Tennessee Ancestors, John Anderson Brayton is the author of “The Maternal Ancestry of Henry Soane” [a forebear of Thomas Jefferson] (The Virginia Genealogist 35[1991]:163-72. As noted above, his research on the ancestry of Tennessee Williams is being expanded into a book.

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