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  • Corrections To Genealogies In Print Vol. 7 No. 6

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : December 1990
    CAPEN - C.A. Hayden, rev, by J.H. Tuttle, Descendants of Bernard Capen of Dorchester, Mass. (1929): (1) p. 25: Jane HOUGHTON of Milton, Mass., b. 9 March 1700, was dau. of Joseph & Jane (VOSE) HOUGHTON, not Ebenezer HOUGHTON (Milton VRs, p. 35; E.F. Vose, Robert Vose and His Descendants [1932], p. 21). (2) p. 128: Betsy REUP(C)KE, b. 15 June 1785, was dau. of John Christian & Sarah (CLARK) REUPKE, m. Foxboro, Mass., 18 Nov. 1782 (Foxboro VRs). Sarah CLARK was dau. of Ichabod & Sarah (WHITTEMORE) CLARK of Sharon.  A Rev. War pension appl. dated 24 March 1855 shows that Sally/Sarah TALBOT could not poss. have been Betsy REUP(C)KE’s mother; it states that Sarah m. 14 Sept. 1803 Ebenezer HAYDEN, also that she did not m. John Christian REUPKE until 14 Sept. 1827. (3) p. 246: My own birthdate should be 28 May 1920 (Boston VRs), not 8 May.

    Submitted 9 Oct. 1990 by Richard Winslow Capen, P.O. Box 2226, Avila Beach, CA 93424

    HILDRETH - Disparate data for d. date and age at d. of Hannah (FLETCHER) (WRIGHT) HILDRETH are found in published VRs of Chelmsford and Westford, Mass. Chelmsford VRs (p. 403): “Hildreth, w. Rich[ard] bur. Sept. 24, 1759, a. 84 y. C.R.1 Id. Sept. 22, P.R. 41.” C.R.1 refers to rec. of First Cong. Church, Chelmsford Center; P.R.4, to a diary of Rev. Ebenezer Bridge. Westford VRs (p. 287): HILDRETH, HANNAH, formerly w. Ebenezer WRIGHT, Sept. 18, 1752, a. 83yrs. I m. 18d. G.R.1.” G.R. 1 refers to g.s. in Fairview Cem., Westford. Hannah’s g.s. there (next to Ebenezer’s; transcr. by myself Sept. 1990) actually reads: “Here lies…Mrs. Hannah HILDRETH, former wife of Ebenezer WRIGHT, who departed this life Sept. 18, 1759 aged 83 years, 1 month, 18 days,” extrapolating to a birthdate of 30 July 1676, as given in Chelrnsford VRs, p. 61, for b. of Hannah “FLATCHER,” dau. of Samuel3 (William2, Robert1) & Hannah (WHEELER) FLETCHER. Hannah4 FLETCHER m. Chelmsford 14 May 1679 [Chelmsford VRs, p. 228] Ebenezer3 WRIGHT, b. Chelmsford 11 Nov. 1665, son of John2 (John1) & Abigail (WARREN) WRIGHT (Chelmsford VRs, p. 1671, d. Westford 16 Aug. 1735 Westford VRs, p. 321); they res. West Precinct of Chelmsford, inc. 1729 as Town of Westford. Hannah (FLETCHER) WRIGHT’s second husband (she was his third w.), was Ens. Richard3 HILDRETH (James2, Richard1), b. Chelmsford ca. 1677 [3rd Pub. HILDRETH Fam. Assn., (1921), p. 20]; d. there 26 April 1760, aged 83 yrs. [Chelmsford VRs, p. 403]. He is bur. Forefathers Cem., as is his first w. Dorcas WILSON, mother of all his ch. The mss. “Descendants of Robert Fletcher” by W.L. Holman (at NEHGS) correctly identifies Hannah (FLETCHER) (WRIGHT) HILDRETH.

    Submitted 2 Oct. 1990 by William B. Prescott, 724 Hawthorne Ave., Bound Brook, NJ 08805

    GLEASON/RICHARDSON- J.B. White, Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Gleason of Watertown, Mass. (1909), p. 239, #1 248: Louisa GLEASON: Daniel RICHARDSON is given as d. 27 May 1889; He d. 17 May 1889 (Woburn VRs). Louisa (GLEASON) RICHARDSON is reported as d. 8 Oct. 1852; she d. Woburn 8 Oct. 1884 (Woburn VRs).

    “Children (#2472). I. Mary Louisa RICHARDSON, b. 3 Oct. 1852.” According to the state copy of her b. rec., “this child was left upon the Door Step of Daniel and Louisa RiCHARDSON on the 4th Oct., and adopted by the[m]” (Mass. VRs, 64 [1852]:169, #121).  Daniel and Louisa were first cousins; their respective mothers were sisters Abigail (Nabby) and Sarah (Sally) BACON of Bedford.

    “#2473. II. Daughter, b. and d. Nov. 9, 1814,” is clearly an erroneous entry, identical to #1249 (p. 138) for a sister of Louisa GLEASON.

    Submittecl 8 Oct. 1990 by Richardson B. Harvey, 13243 North Meadow View Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95945

    BACON/RICHARDSON - T.W. Baldwin, Michael Bacon of Dedham, 1640 (1915): pp. 49-50) #22, under ch. of Oliver & Sarah (REED) BACON Sally (Sarah) was rec. (Bedford VRs, p. 12) as b. 1 Sept. 1771, at Medford. - Her sister Nabby (Abigail) is given as m. John RiCHARDSON, s. of John & Martha (STEVENS) RICHARDSON, b. 6 Apr. 1769.  According to Billerica VRs, and J.A. Vinton, The Richardson Memorial (1876), p. 598, John RICHARDSON was s. of Samuel Jr. & Martha (STEVENS) RICHARDSON, b. 6 Apr. 1768 (Billerica VRs); Vinton reports both 1768 (p. 559) and 1769 (p. 598).

    Submitted 8 Oct. 1990 by Richardson B. Harvey, 13253 North Meadow View Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95945

    RIPLEY - Jamuel RIPLEY, b. Hingham, Mass. 20 Nov. 1729, was not a Lemuel, as mistakenly reported in [G.W.] Lincoln, History of...Hingham (1893), 3:133, and E.H.W. Ripley, Genealogy of a Part of tlw Ripley Family (1867), p. 6.  Original Hingham VR book (p. 242) shows the name as Jarnuel. “Jacob Lincoln” is two lines above; the Js are the same.  His signature (in Mass. State Archives clearly reads “Jarmuel” RIPLEY.  See also H. Stryker-Rodda, Colonial Handwriting (1986), p. 20.  Jamuel has been researched by others unsuccessfully, prob. due to misinterpretation of his given name.

    Submitted 29 Oct. 1990 by Charles S. Brack, Jr., P.O. Box 2473, Hendersonville, TN 37077

    NEHGS does not verify corrections. Readers may send corrections to genealogies in print or public records, with documented sources, to Lee Kugler, c/o NEXUS, at the Society.

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