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  • Corrections to Genealogies in Print Vol. 6 no. 2

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : April 1989
     ALFORD/GREENE - In The Greene Family of St. Albans, Vermont, together with the origin and history of The Greene Family in England and Rhode Island, by Walter and Ella Greene (1964), p. 40, the author has a question on the parentage of Susan ALFORD, who married Nathan GREENE: Susan ALFORD is the sister of Rebecca ALFORD who married Alfred HATHAWAY, according to Susan’s affidavit in the Revolutionary War pension application files.  On March 17, 1840, Susan GREENE states that she is age 66, living in St. Albans, and a sister of Rebecca Hathaway, whose maiden name was Rebecca Alford.  The letter is in the file of Rebecca Hathaway, widow of Alfred Hathaway, applying for pension benefits.  Another file, that of George ALFORD, has a letter from Rebecca stating that she is his sister.  Additionally, brothers Oliver and Benedict have letters in the George ALFORD file.  They are all children of Benedict ALFORD, and Rebecca OWEN is the mother of all but Benedict.  Other siblings (but not Susan) are listed in R. D. Owen, Descendents of John Owen of Windsor, Connecticut (1622-1699) (1941), p. 75.  Regarding the name “Benedict,” I also had difficulty finding Rebecca Hathaway's father because in Hathtaways of America (1970 edition), p. 185, Rebecca is stated as being the dau. of Olaf ALFORD.  Evidently he did not like the name Benedict.

    For anyone else related La Alfred & Rebecca (ALFORD) HATHAWAY, I have further corrections to the volume above: Alfred & Rebecca moved to Porter, New York, ca. 1822, where Alfred died in 1829, not to St. Albans as the book states.  Also, Rebecca made a pension affidavit in 1844 and was still living in 1850 inPorter, New York, age 88, per the 1850 census, where she is listed in the household of her sister, Pauline (HATHAWAY) Fisher.

    Submitted June 9, 1988, by Kathy Beals, 601 Madison, Albany. CA 94706

    BREWSTER/CAPEN - In the 1929 CAPEN genealogy and the BREWSTER genealogy by Emma Jones, and perhaps in other books, my husband is recorded as Edward William CAPEN, Jr., born in Wollaston, Quincy, Massachusetts, 18 February 1904.  The problem lies in the fact that his father did not like “juniors” and began calling him “Johnnie.”  He entered school as John, and on his 12th birthday his father, having done a little family research, gave him a Bible inscribed “John Brewster Capen.”  And so he has been.  In 1928, wanting a passport, he had an older cousin testify that he was he.  Since then he has been so recorded as John Brewster, not Edward William -- on his marriage license, in many business dealings in New York City, as a partner in one firm, officer in another, as governor of the Real Estate Board of New York, on his children’s birth certificates and marriage licenses, as a voter, and on real estate in New Jersey, Maine, and Puerto Rico.  He is thoroughly JBC -- to all intents and purposes but one, genealogically.  He is not officially changing his name; we are just confirming for the record.

    Submitted by Elizabeth Capen, Springdale, Boonton, NJ 07005

    HAZEN/DART/TURNER - The Hazen Family in America. by Tracey Elliot Hazen and Robert Hazen (1947), p. 36, gives the following information: #15. John Hazen m. (2) at New London, Connecticut, 31 May 1726 (Church Records) Elizabeth (TURNER) DART, wid. of Thomas DART, dau. of Ezekiel & Susannah (KEENEY) TURNER, and a descendant of William BREWSTER of the Mayflower.  The facts of this case are well documented in The American Genealogist (TAG) 32(1 956):144; NYG&B Record 58:(1927)24, 30-31; Diary of Joshua Hempstead (in Collections of the New London Historical Society, vol 1 [1901]), p. 170; The Public Records of Connecticut, 1717-1725 [1872], p. 176; and records of the First Church of New London.  Elizabeth TURNER was born at New London 5 December 1696.  She married there 8 May 1717 Thomas DART.  They had one child, Thomas DART, who was lost at sea about 1718.  Elizabeth married at New London 31 May 1726 John HAZEN.  Hempstead’s diary notes “Jno HAZEN & wid. Elizabeth DARTE publish.”  There is another error in The Hazen Family, p. 37:  In the list of children of John HAZEN and his second wife, the second child’s name is given as Mary. Original records show this name actually was Marcy (probably in honor of John Hazen's deceased first wife).  Thus there was no conflict in naming their fifth child Mary.

    Submitted June 14, 1988, by Francis H. Huron, 24 Pilgrim Drive, Winchester, MA 01890

    HURON/ST. JOHN - in The St. John Genealogy, by Orline St. John Alexander (1907), page 192: “558f iii. Anna (St. John), b. June 18, 1776; m. Seth HURON.”  As genealogist/historian for the HURON family, I can vow that there was no Seth HURON who m. an Anna St. John.  Further, a family Bible indicates that this Anna St. John probably died May 12, 1795.

    Francis H. Huron, 24 Pilgrim Drive, Winchester, MA 01890

    NEHGS does not verify Corrections. Readers may send corrections to genealogies in print or public records, with documented sources, to Lee Kugler, c/o NEXUS, at the Society.

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