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  • Corrections to Genealogies in Print Vol. 5 No. 1

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : April-May 1988
    CLEMENT(S)/RUDGERS/RUDYARD - In Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Clements, by Percival Wood Clement (1927), vol. 1, page 347, the wife of #159 Isaac6 Clement is erroneously listed as Hannah Sirles. Her name was Hannah Rodgers or Rudyard. The probate notice (1853) of Mary Rodgers Theal, Hannah’s sister, names Hannah’s children and some grandchildren, which is proof that Hannah Clement’s maiden name was Rodgers. Our family has spelled the name in many ways over the last 300 years, but the original spelling is Rudyard, as we are all descended from Thomas Rudyard (1640-1692), governor of East Jersey from 1682 to 1684. A footnote on the same page states that Hannah’s name was probably Smith. She did marry (1) ____ Smith and had a son William Smith, who is mentioned in the will of his grandfather Daniel Rudyard/Rodgers, proved 1798. I am also interested in information on a Molly Rutgers, wife of David5 (Nathaniel4, Robert3-2-1). I would like to hear from Clement family historians, especially descendants of Isaac6 (David5).

    Daniel Wood Rodgers, 865-53B Broadway Ave., Holbrook, NY 11741, telephone 516-567-7186.


    IRISH/RICHMOND, CLARK/POTTS/ROBERTS - In the book Descendants of John Irish the Immigrant, 1629-1963, and Allied Families by Willis L. and Stella B. P. Irish (1964), Elizabeth3 (John2), b. February 1674, is listed as ‘died young.’ This is incorrect, as she married John Richmond in 1694. The town clerk’s office in Little Compton, Rhode Island, has the long lost marriage record.

    The Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libby, and Davis (1928-39, rep. 1972), page 149, states that William Clark married Joyce Roberts. This is incorrect; he married Joyce Potts. Her mother Joanna Roberts was the first wife of Thomas Potts, page 589. Ann (Tozier) Jenkins married (3) Thomas Potts, page 690.

    Jean E. Irish Weare, 125 Massachusetts Avenue, Portland, ME 04102-2515


    SAYRE/MCEWEN - In Sayre Family; Lineage of Thomas Sayre, a Founder of Southampton, by Theodore M. Banta (1901, reprint 1968), page 325, George “Fulton” is listed as the second child of Sarah Richards McDowall and Cassius Dixon McEwen. His correct name is George Fuller McEwen, b. 12 Nov. 1880. The fourth child, S Cassius Wells McEwen (my husband’s father), was born 24 Dec. 1884, not 1885, according to Vital Records of Otsego County, Michigan, “Births,” #103, and our family records. Child #5 in the above book is given as “Theodore”; her name was Theodora Richards McEwen, b. 2 July 1887. Child #6 is listed as Roscoe “Conklin” and should be Roscoe Conkling McEwen, b. 20 July 1889. This family also appears in Descendants of Deacon Ephraim Sayre, by Harrison Monell Sayre (1942).

    Mrs. G. R. McEwen, 753 Garland Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94303.


    SPROAT/WADSWORTH - “Ebenezer Sproat of Scituate and Middleboro, Massachusetts, 1676- 1726,” by Elizabeth P. White and Ralph Van Wood, Jr., in the Register 141(July 1987):208, states.. “#3. Abigail Sproat….died, probably at Milton 18 January 1763….On 27 June 1766 Abigail Wadsworth was named administrator of the estate of her husband, John Wadsworth of Milton, gentleman.” In Milton [Massachusetts] Records: Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1662-1843 (1900), page 255, the death of Mrs. Abigail Wadsworth is listed as 12 February 1784.

    Ann Millspaugle Huff, Box 514A, Gilbert Stuart Road, Sanderstown, RI 02874.



    WOODWARD/HAYWARD/ORME – Numerous sources say that Henry Woodward from Childwall Parish, Lancashire, who very likely emigrated to Massachusetts with Rev. Richard Mather in 1635, was baptized 22 March 1607. See Ernest Flagg, Genealogical Notes on the Founding of New England (1926), 210, g55; Genealogy and Family History of the State of Conneticut, ed. by William Richard Cutter, et al (1911), p. 1575; and the obituary of Ernest LeRoy Woodward, descendant of Henry1 Woodward in “Memoirs of the Deceased Members of the Society” in the Register 105[July 1951]:218-19). However, the only baptismal entry for that date in the transcribed and published Registers of the Parish of Childwall, Part I 1557-1680, (1967), is for a Henry Hayward, page 61. The baptismal date for Henry Woodward of Childwall is 4 September 1611 (according to Registers of Childwall, I, 67). He was the third son of John Woodward (not Thomas Woodward as has been stated), who was baptized 6 March 1589, an illegitimate son of Robert Woodward and Anne Orme (Registers of Childwall, I, 41). Robert Woodward, Henry’s grandfather, was baptized 26 January 1568 (ibid., I, 29) and was possibly the son of William Woodward, who had married in the parish 19 September 1563 (ibid., 1, 2)

    Walt Woodward, 1825 Hunters Point, Westlake, OH 44145.


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