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    Searching Our Classic Reprints Catalog

    The 12,000+ books listed in our Classic Reprints catalog are made to order. These books are high-quality reproductions printed on acid-free paper and bound like library books. Most titles are available as paperback and hardcover editions. Prices listed are for the paperback version; add $12 for a hardcover version and specify hardcover when you place your order. The binding and printing process takes four to eight weeks.

    Books in the catalog are organized by the following categories: 

    Genealogies and Family Histories - Genealogies and family histories (which include biographies) are alphabetized by surname. Peruse the entire list for any surnames that might be allied with your family, as some books cover more than one. For ease of presentation, we have chosen to list books by the first family given in the title.

    Local Histories - Local histories are divided into Canada, Europe, and the United States. General U.S. entries are followed by regional entries and then by state-by-state listings. Within states, general statewide publications are listed first, followed by specific localities, alphabetized by locality. Be sure to scan through the entire list for a state, as some publications apply to more than one locality, and we have listed each under only the first locality mentioned in the title. For example, you’ll find a history of Essex and Norfolk Counties, Massachusetts, alphabetized under Essex.  

    Miscellaneous - The “Miscellaneous” section comprises books about wars, emigrant groups, heraldry, Mayflower descendancy, and other topics that are not necessarily tied to specific locations or families. We have chosen to list some state-specific books about wars under the relevant war in the Miscellaneous section. You will find, for example, Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion under both the Civil War and under California—general. Books about specific battles, or about specific cities’ involvement in a war, will be found only in the statewide listings.

    Classic Reprints

    Genealogies, Local Histories, and More

    Classic Reprints 100NEHGS; 8½ x 11, softcover, 250 pp.
    reg. $12.95
    Expand your research with more than 12,000 library-quality reprints of rare and out-of-print books available from our classic reprints catalog. Covering a wide variety of topics and geographic areas, this important reference should be on every genealogist's bookshelf!

    Reprints include: The catalog is divided into three sections: Section One presents genealogies and family histories from Aaker to Zumbrun; Section Two contains local histories from just about every state and several countries including Ireland, Germany, Russia, and more; Section Three includes regional genealogies, books on the Mayflower, war and military, religion, and other topics of interest to any family historian. The catalog comes with a coupon for $12.95 off your first classic reprints purchase of $25 or more. 2011

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