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  • #44 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Some Changes in Royal Descents, 1993-2000

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : March 1, 2000
    Last week I discussed forty new and twelve deleted immigrants of royal descent – part of my progress through mid-February 2000 on the ongoing revision, or extension to RD600, of The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants (1993). This week I shall review some of the changes or additions to immigrants and lines I covered in 1993. Firstly among additions I should note the several hundred references to the second edition of The Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists by David Faris (NEHGS, 1999, an authoritative and essential work that outlines, with known dates, places, and often parliamentary or military service, most descents from Kings Henry III, Edward I, or Edward III for all but a handful of the 150 or so 17th-century immigrants with such ancestry that I treated in 1993). In this new edition I have also included even more near kinsmen – usually siblings, nephews or first or second cousins of immigrants – who also came to the colonies but left no notable descendants treated in printed sources (NDTPS) that I can find. Such immigrants include the sisters Lady Susan Clinton Humphrey and Lady Arbella Clinton Johnson, both of Mass., and Paul and Dannett Abney of Virginia.

    Changes or additions to the first 20 pages consist largely of new husbands for actresses Catherine Oxenberg (producer Robert J. Evans and actor Casper Robert Van Dien) and Brooke Shields (tennis champion Andre Agassi), and 1996 death dates for writer Jessica Mitford, novelist Caroline Blackwood (Lady Caroline Maureen Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood Freud Citkowitz Lowell) and Pamela Harriman. Between pp. 60-115 most of my changes have been Scottish, and I have been guided in many of them by Andrew B. W. MacEwen of Stockton Springs, Maine. Douglas Robinson of N.Y., a great-grandfather of political columnists Joseph and Stewart Alsop, was descended from James IV, King of Scots, via lords Elphinstone, Fleming, and Livingston, Bruce of Airth, Innes of Edingight, Duff of Craigston, and Robinson of Gask and Clermiston. Siblings of two of Robinson’s great-great-grandparents were grandparents themselves of Catherine Gordon, Mrs. John Byron, mother of George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, the poet. Neil and Allan MacLean (McLean) of Conn. were descended from James II, King of Scots, via Hamiltons, earls of Arran, Cunynghams, earls of Glencairn, and MacLeans of Duart, Torloisk, Drimnin, Balliphetrish, and Grisiboll (an improved line brought to my attention by former NEHGS trustee Shirley Goodwin Bennett).

    In addition to these “improved” descents from James IV and James II, I eliminated the section of descents from Edward III of England and his great-granddaughter Joan Beaufort, Dowager Queen of Scotland, and her second husband Sir James Stewart, “Black Knight of Lorne.” For each of these lines I substituted a descent from either Robert III, King of Scots (d. 1406), or his father, Robert II, King of Scots (d. 1390). I also eliminated, at Andrew MacEwen’s suggestion, all descents from Princess Annabella Stewart, daughter of James I and wife George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly, except through her daughter Isabel, wife of William Hay, 3rd Earl of Erroll. Eliminated firstly, then, is the line from Elizabeth Gordon, wife of William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal, to Wernher von Braun and his wife, of Alabama (also descended from the Countess of Erroll and from Princess Annabella’s sister Joan/Jean, wife of James Douglas, 1st Earl of Morton). The Mackintoshes (McIntoshes) – Henry of Mass. and R.I., Lachlan of R.I., and John Mohr of Ga. – were descended from Robert II via lords Kennedy, Gordons of Lochinvar, and Mackintoshes of Mackintosh, Borlum, or Knocknagel. Governor John Cranston of R.I. and James Veatch of Md. were descended from Robert III via Douglas, earls of Angus, lords Hay of Yester, and Stewarts of Traquair (I also note Andrew MacEwen’s doubts about the immediate ancestry of Gov. Cranston, reported in NEXUS 11 [1994]: 41 and Notable Kin 2 [1999]: 193-94). Chemist and educator John MacLean (1771-1814) of N.J. and his first cousin, Alexander McLeod (MacLeod) (1774-1833), noted Reformed Presbyterian clergyman, were descendants of Robert III via Douglas, earls of Douglas, Stewarts, earls of Atholl (and Dowager Queen Joan Beaufort), Gordons, earls of Huntly, Campbells, earls of Argyll, and MacLeans of Duart, Coll, Drimnacross, and Borreray. Thomas Gordon, Chief Justice of N.J. and his cousin, Mrs. Isabel Burnet Montgomery of N.J., were descended from Robert III via Douglas, earls of Angus, Douglas of Glenbervie, then Burnet of Leys and Gordon of Pitlurg or Forbes of Monymusk, Barnes, and Ballogie.

    Gov. William Burnet of N.Y., the brothers James and Thomas Dundas of Pa., and British commander James Abercromby (1706-1781) were descendants of Robert II, King of Scots, and his son Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, via Abernethy of Saltoun, Forbes of Pitsligo, and Gordon of Lesmoir (then Burnet of Leys, Dundas of Manour, or Abercromby of Glassaugh). Gov. Alexander Spotswood of Va. and colonial statesman James Logan of Pa. were descended from Robert II, via Douglas of Nithsdale, Sinclair, earls of Orkney, Stewart, earls of Atholl, Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott, and Maule of Panmure and Glaster (then Morrison of Prestongrange and Spotswood of Dunipage, or Dundas of Doddington, Hume and Logan). Col. Kenneth Baillie of Ga., a great-great-great-grandfather of President Theodore Roosevelt, was descended from Robert II and his son, Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, via lords Campbell and Lorne, earls of Argyll, Stewart earls of Atholl, Mackenzie of Kintail and Coul and Baillie of Dunain.

    Among descendants certainly of Edward III, King of England (d. 1377), the three governors Wests of Virginia; Harvard treasurer Herbert Pelham and his sister, Mrs. Penelope Pelham Bellingham of Mass., wife of Gov. Richard Bellingham; Mrs. Anne Humphrey Palmes Myles of Mass.; Mrs. Anne Boteler Copley of Md.; Wiseman Clagett, solicitor-general of N.H.; and Amelia Jane Byam of N.Y., wife of Monitor builder John Ericsson (1803-1889) were all descended from Sir Francis Knollys and his wife Catherine Cary, daughter of Mary Boleyn (sister of Queen Anne Boleyn and aunt of Elizabeth I), very likely by Henry VIII, not her husband William Cary. Evidence for this parentage – and thus probably for several million American descendants of Henry VIII – was presented by Anthony Hoskins in the March 1997 issue of Genealogists’ Magazine (25: 9), pp. 345-52. Other changes in lines from Edward III or Edward I can be partly grouped together. In order to show fairly near American kinsmen, via de la Poles, of the Habsburg descendants of Anne of Bohemia and Emperor Ferdinand I, I added a “cross-reference outline” to Hastings-Morley and/or Kelke-Girlington descents for the Blakistons of Md. and William Asfordby of N.Y. As noted in NEXUS 13 (1996): 124-30, the Bernards – Col. William and Richard of Va., and Sir Francis, 1st Bt., gov. of N.J. and Mass. – lose their Gascoigne line but are descended from Edward I via barons Scrope of Bolton and earls of Westmorland, Stafford, Gloucester and Hertford; the Bulkeleys lose their line to Edward I through lack of a Malory descent but are descended from Henry II, King of England (d. 1189) via Grosvenor, Charlton, Knightley, la Zouche, and Ella, Stephen and William Longespee; and Philip de Carteret, gov. of N.J. and his brother Peter de Carteret, gov. of N.C., lose their descent from Edward I and William Paulet, 1st Marquess of Winchester, but via Paulets of Hinton St. George descend from Hugh Capet, King of France (d. 996) through Pollard, Hext, Fortescue, Beauchamp of Ryme, Mohun, Fitzpiers, de Clare, and counts of Clermont, Montdidier, Roucy, and Hainault. Mrs. Olive Welby Farwell, a niece of Rev. Peter Bulkeley and his immigrant sisters, retains descent from Edward I, however, via Welby, Thimbleby, Tyrwhit, Talboys, Heron, Ogle, Grey, Mowbray, and Segrave. And Bulkeley cousin Henry Corbin of Va. retains a descent from Edward I via de Clare, Gaveston, Driby (a connection somewhat in dispute – I follow the hypothesis by Douglas Richardson presented in the new Plantagenet compendium by David Faris), Malory, Moton, Grimsby, Vincent (a line ancestral also to Henry and William Randolph of Va.), Faunt, and Corbin.

    Another Richardson-Faris hypothesis also “improves” several royal descents. John of Gaunt’s daughter Elizabeth Plantagenet, wife of John Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter, a half-brother of Richard II, is believed by Doug and David to be the mother of Elizabeth Holand, wife of Sir Roger Fiennes and mother of Margaret Fiennes, wife of Nicholas Carew. Margaret and Nicholas are forebears of Mrs. Mary Launce Sherman of Mass. (RD500, p. 176), Essex Beville of Va. (RD500, p. 182), and the Tuckers of Bermuda (RD500, pp. 207-9) (a recent Tucker genealogy, however, does not confirm the line of Thomas Witter of N.Y., who may become another deleted immigrant, along with Christopher Tilghman of Va. and possibly Act. Gov. Robert Brooke of Md.). Another John of Gaunt line, via the Duchess of Exeter, was developed for the Lowes of Md. by Brice McAdoo Clagett; part of this line, from Holand to Grey of Ruthyn to Knyvett (Knevet) extends also to Mrs. Muriel Gurdon Saltonstall of Mass. and Edmund Bohun, Chief Justice of S.C. John Cra[y]croft of Md. loses his Disney-Ayscough-Hildyard-Hastings-Morley descent but retains a line from Edward I via Amcotts, an early Fulnetby-Dymoke marriage, and Welles, Mowbray and Segrave. A second Hastings-Morley line for William Farrar of Va. has been developed by Worth S. Anderson of Arlington, Va.

    Matthew Clarkson of N.Y. loses his descent from Edward I but retains a line from David I, King of Scots (d. 1153), and from a brother of Malcolm IV and William the Lion, via Hastings, Grey, Mitton, Grosvenor, Lodge, and Kenrick, as developed by Charles M. Hansen in NYGBR 127 [1996]: 193-201. John Fenwick, founder of Salem, N.J., his great-nephew John Fenwick of S.C., and a great-great-great-nephew, Ralph Eddowes of Pa., were descended from Edward III via John of Gaunt and Ferrers, Greystock, Grey, and Fenwick. The likely descent of Gov. Thomas Dudley from Edward III (and Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of Edward IV) via Grey, Bonville, Neville, and Beaufort, as developed by Marshall K. Kirk and David Humiston Kelley, has appeared in both editions of Faris’s Plantagenet compendium and in my 1995 Ancestors of American Presidents. New to the 2nd edition of RD500 is the line of Dudley’s mother, Susanna Thorne, from Edward I via de Clare, Gaveston, Driby (the disputed hypothesis again), Malory, Moton, and Purefoy. In the Sept.-Oct. 1999 issue of NEXUS I referred to the descent from Edward I to Sir Richard Lygon via Beauchamp of Powick, Ferrers of Chartley, Staffords, Despencers, de Audleys, and de Clares; I add a “cross-reference outline” to this same descent for Anthony Savage of Va. and Mrs. Amy Wyllys Pynchon of Mass. For a revised and perhaps lesser RD for James Cudworth of Mass., I await correspondence concerning Machell research by Paul C. Reed of Salt Lake City.

    I am delighted to report a newly-developed descent by Albert M. Muth for Mrs. Elizabeth Alsop Baldwin Fowler of Conn. Mr. Muth noted Mrs. Fowler’s mother, Temperance Gilbert, in Brig. Gen. Bulmer’s edition of the 1563 visitation of Norfolk, found the marriages of Temperance and her sister “Cleer” Gilbert in the published parish records of Mickleover, co. Derby, and “Cleere” Alsop among the immigrant’s sisters in the 1662-64 visitaion of Derbyshire. From these materials a descent from Edward I was readily traceable via Clere, Boleyn, Butler, earls of Ormonde, Beauchamp, barons Abergavenny, and FitzAlan and Bohun. As first noted by Paul C. Reed in The Genealogist 10 (1989, pub. 1994): 55, Joseph Bickley of Va. was descended via Winch and Onslow from Corbet, Devereux, Ferrers of Chartley, and Edward I. Sir Thomas Lunsford of Va., great-grandson of a Fiennes, also shared the Holand of Exeter and John of Gaunt descent mentioned above. On the chart for Thomas Owsley of Va. I noted his kinship to the Marbury sisters via Cope. A last change among descendants of Edward I or Edward III was the corrected line for Hollywood writer and man of letters Christopher Isherwood (1904-1986), who loses his Percy descent but via Raymond, Harris, Astley, Denny, Champernowne, Carew, FitzAlan, Despencer and de Clare, is descended, along with his third cousin, the novelist Graham Greene, from Edward I.

    I shall end this review by noting two new descendants of Henry III, King of England (d. 1272), as covered in Faris’s new book and a forthcoming article in the April 2000 Register. Edward Raynsford of Mass. and George Yate of Md. are descended from Plantagenets of Lancaster, barons Beaumont, Botreaux, and Hungerford, Whites of Hampshire and either Kirtons or Tichbornes. Sometime in the next several months, as my revisions to the last third of RD500, covering descendants of earlier kings, is further along, I shall summarize new findings once again. I hope this review has proved useful to many readers, and urge all of you to 1) purchase or examine the new edition of Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, and 2) forward to me any further changes or additional immigrants for RD500/600. Since posting my last column I have added five new immigrants – Archibald Dunlop of Conn. (developed by John L. Scherer), Mrs. Audrey Divett Buller Parsons of R.I. (the forebear of Flagler and Mellon scions) (developed by James Ross Mellon II), Thomas Monteith of Va. (brought to my attention by [Sir] Thomas [Tam] Dalyell [11th Bt.] and his wife, and further developed in some detail by Andrew B. W. MacEwen), Mrs. Jane Evans Dodge of N.Y. (developed by Carl Boyer, 3rd in Ancestral Lines, Third Edition [1998] – a very adroit linking of Bartrum and later Welsh pedigrees), and the actor [Ivan Simon] Cary Elwes (developed and brought to my attention by Robert Battle). I will soon add Emmanuel Woolley of R.I., as developed for the Register by Jack T. Hutchinson, and several other immigrants as well.
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