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  • #49 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Further Changes in Royal Descents, 2000

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : July 31, 2000
    Since mid-February and columns #43-44, I have completed my review of prospective new immigrants of royal descent - both those developed by correspondents and those I discovered myself, partly in checking the new American National Biography (24 vols., 1999). This column will list or summarize these most recent additions to RD600. As noted at the end of column #48, Paul Reed argued in the last issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly that the maternity of Amy de Gaveston is unknown, and Douglas Richardson now disclaims the Plantagenet-Holand-Fiennes connection. Thus, among other changes, the best line for Henry Corbin of Va. becomes the Charlton descent from Henry II of England he shares with the Bulkeleys; for Gov. Thomas Dudley of Mass., the best descent through his mother remains the King John descent outlined in RD500, pp. 251-52; for Mrs. Elizabeth Mallory Rivers of S.C, the best descent may be the conjectural line from Henry I of England via d'Aubigny, Tattershall and Driby, outlined by John G. Hunt in TAG 37 (1961): 50, 40 (1964): 95-98, and doubted by Brice Clagett - or any de Gaveston continental royal descent (or perhaps I shall have to place Mrs. Rivers herself in the "speculative section"); and the best descent for Mrs. Lydia M. Latrobe Roosevelt is from Edward I via de Clare, de Audley, Stafford, Neville, Scrope, St. John, Castillion, and Speir.

    At the end of column #44, and in the second and fourth paragraphs of #45, I noted the additions of Archibald Dunlop of Conn. (a second article, outlining his maternal descent from James II of Scotland, appears in the July 2000 Register), Mrs. Audrey Divett Buller Parsons, Thomas Monteith, Mrs. Jane Evans Dodge, Emmanuel Woolley, Gov. John and Honor (Newton) Seymour, the above Mrs. Elizabeth Mallory Rivers, John William MacEwen, Arthur Storer and Mrs. Anne Storer Truman Skinner, playwright Noel Coward, Mrs. Alfred North Whitehead, Mrs. David Niven, and Rupert Everett. At the end of column #43, moreover, I mentioned various immigrants, including the above Archibald Dunlop, Mrs. Rivers, Gov. Seymour, and Noel Coward, whom I intended to further investigate. Of all of those therein listed, I have since rejected the proposed descents for the Carys of New England and Va. (plus the mother of George Cleeve of Me.), Samuel Hotchkiss of Conn., Thomas Keene of Va. (after consultation with Douglas Richardson), and Evan Ragland, also of Va. (there seems no firm evidence linking the Welsh-derived gentry scion and the colonial settler). Robert Drury of Va. requires much further research - to develop a royal descent for the candidate immigrant, to prove his identification (and that of possible sibling immigrants), and to trace notable descendants.

    I am delighted, however, to report some major new additions. Those nearest the front of RD600 will be Stanislaus Albert, Prince Radziwill, brother-in-law of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and father of television producer Anthony (Stanislaus Albert, Prince) Radziwill, 1959-1999; Curt Henry Eberhard Erdmann George, Count Haugwitz-Hardenburg-Reventlow, second husband of heiress Barbara Woolworth Hutton and father-in-law of actress Jill St. John; and Mary Josephine "Maisie" (Ward) Sheed, noted Catholic writer and social activist. Prince Radziwill was a great-great-grandson of Louise of Prussia, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of Frederick William I, King of Prussia (d. 1740). Count Haugwitz-Hardenburg-Reventlow was descended from Charles XI, King of Sweden (d. 1611). Mrs. Sheed, granddaughter of Oxford Movement leader William George Ward, was also a great-granddaughter of the 14th Duke of Norfolk. A fourth immigrant of fairly recent royal descent is William Drake Baring-Gould of Minneapolis, son of antiquarian Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould; father of Sherlock Holmes authority William Stuart Baring-Gould; and grandfather-in-law of one of my college roommates, St. Louis brewing scion Adolphus Busch Orthwein, Jr., now of Atlanta. W.D. Baring-Gould appears in the Essex volume of Ruvigny's Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal. Another friend, African hunter, author and Gulf Oil scion James Ross (Jay) Mellon II, is married to Vivian Rüesch, daughter of an Italian countess de la Feld, descended via Moresca Donnorso, Correale, Colonna, Ruffo, d'Avalos, Caracciolo, d'Avalos again, Gonzaga, and Este, from Ferdinand I, King of Naples (d. 1494), as well as John II, King of France (d. 1364), and Mexican conqueror Hernan Cortes, 1st Marquess of Valle de Oaxaca. Jay and Daniel MacGregor have traced this line in great detail, and their findings are confirmed by the Libro d'Oro, vol. 6 (1923-25), pp. 744-45, and treatments of the Moresca Donnorso, Colonna, Ruffo, d'Avalos, and Caracciolo families in vols. 6, 5, 15, and 4 of Genealogisches Handbuch des Adels, plus Litta on Colonna and Caracciolo, and MacGregor's Brooke's Book: Ancestry of Brooke Shields (privately distributed, 1988).

    To my surprise, the new American National Biography (ANB) included New Yorker writer Anthony West, illegitimate son of H. G. Wells and Dame Rebecca West, the former Cicely Isabel Fairfield. The ancestry of Dame Rebecca's paternal grandmother, Arabella Rowan, is covered in vols. 5 and 6 of A. E. Casey's O'Kief, etc.; Arabella's own mother, Letitia Denny, was the daughter of a baronet, great-great-granddaughter of the first Earl of Coningsby, and a descendant of Edward III via Nevilles of Abergavenny. Another literary figure treated in ANB is novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, descended from Robert II, King of Scots (d. 1390), via Balfours of Pilrig and Hamiltons, sometime baronets, of Airdie. Stevenson died in Samoa but lived in both New York and California, and like the playwright Noel Coward, also in ANB and RD600, enjoyed his greatest success in America. A final new 20th-century figure is Mrs. Kathleen Helen MacCarthy-Morrough Summersby Morgan, the Kay Summersby who was Eisenhower's aide and confidante and later moved to New York. Her MacCarthy great-great-grandmother was Eliza Fagan, niece of the Christopher Alexander Fagan identified in recent decades as the father, illegitimately, of Hyacinth Gabrielle Roland, wife of the 1st Marquess Wellesley, the colonial statesman and brother of Wellington, and an ancestress of H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Christopher Fagan and his brother Stephen (Kay Summersby's forebear) were descended via Nangles from Sir William de Welles, Lord Deputy of Ireland, brother of the 6th Baron Welles and a descendant of Edward I.

    Among eighteenth-century immigrants I have recently added Edward Hyde, proprietary governor of North Carolina, and father-in-law of George Clarke, lieutenant governor of New York. This second colonial governor named Edward Hyde (the first, of N.Y., was known as Lord Cornbury), also treated in ANB, appears in Ormerod's history of Cheshire (vol. 3, p. 11), and was descended via Brooke, Touchett, Dayrell, and Beaufort (and via Brooke, Neville, and Beaufort also) from Edward III. As noted by John Herdeg (a monograph by Mr. Herdeg and D. Brenton Simons is expected) and partly confirmed by another ANB article, Robert Dering, first husband of Henrietta de Beaulieu Dering Johnston of S.C., the "first woman painter in America," was the son of a baronet and descended via Dering, Brent, Berkeley, Neville, and Beaufort, Ashburnham, Berkeley and Neville, and Beaumont, Darcy, Greystock, Ferrers, and Beaufort, from Edward III. Lastly, R. D. Tucker's 1991 Descendants of William Tucker of Throwleigh, Devon, demonstrates that Henry Tucker, son of George Tucker of Bermuda and Frances St. George, himself immigrated to Virginia, married Elizabeth Bridger, and left descendants. This Virginia immigrant was not, then, the maternal grandfather of Thomas Witter of N.Y.; that Henry Tucker was a cousin (birth years for the two Henrys were 1649 and 1652) for whom I can at present find no readily traceable RD.

    Seventeenth-century immigrants with recently developed RDs include Percival Lowell, immigrant progenitor of the Boston Lowells and a descendant of Edward I via Percival, Yorke, Luttrell, Courtenay, and Bohun. Percival's mother was identified by Robin Bush in vol. 25 of Search for the Passengers of the Mary and John; the RD was developed by Douglas Richardson and will appear in the forthcoming Magna Charta volume he will co-author with David Faris. John Anderson Brayton has prepared an article for The Virginia Genealogist on the RD> of Daniel Dobyns of Va., great-nephew of the poet Edmund Waller, first cousin twice removed of Parliamentary leader John Hampden, and great-great-great-grandson of Elizabeth Ferrers, granddaughter herself of Sir Henry Ferrers and Margaret Heckstall (RD500, p. 248), and a descendant thereby of Edward I. A second "late Plantagenet"-derived New England immigrant with probably millions of descendants is Mrs. Rose Stoughton Otis of N.H., whose Lewkenor line (to Wests, barons de la Warr, Mowbray, and Henry III, d. 1272) was recently proved by Martin E. T. Hollick of Belmont, Calif. As originally "discovered" by Lothrop Withington, Frances Woodward, first wife of Rev. John Oxenbridge of Boston, and ancestress of the several Oxenbridge Thachers here, was the daughter of Ezechias/Hezekiah Woodward, a nonconformist divine whose Rudhall mother was a great-granddaughter of William Rudhall and Anne Milborne (RD500, p. 303), the latter a descendant of John de Brienne, d. 1237, King of Jerusalem and Emperor of Constantinople and ancestress of "signer" Button Gwinnett of Georgia. A third New England immigrant with a large progeny and a recently developed RD is Mrs. Anne Derehaugh Stratton of Mass., mother-in-law of John Thorndike and great-granddaughter matrilineally, via Wright and Spring, of Dorothy Waldegrave, daughter of Sir William Waldegrave and Margery Wentworth (RD500, p. 317). This superb new Derehaugh research was undertaken by Robert Battle of Tacoma, Wash., whose article on the subject may appear in a forthcoming Register. James Taylor of Lynn, Mass.was a second cousin once removed of Thomas Bressie of New Haven; both were descendants of King John via FitzRoy, Marmion, Grey of Rotherfield, Harcourt, Peshall, Woolrich, Hopton, and Anderson, a new line also developed by Douglas Richardson for the forthcoming Magna Charta Ancestry. Bressie was the grandson of Edmund Bressie and Lucretia Anderson; Taylor, whose immediate forebears were traced by David Dearborn of NEHGS, was a great-grandson matrilineally of Lucretia's sister Elizabeth and Sir William Garway/Garraway. Increase Nowell of Mass. was the great-grandson of John Nowell and Elizabeth Kay (RD500, p. 331), as noted in the 1961 Stephen Bull genealogy, much expanded and partially corrected by Jerome Anderson of NEHGS.

    As developed by Henry B. Hoff, Jan Otten van Tuyl of New York was descended from an illegitimate daughter of Guy of Avesnes, Bishop of Utrecht, great-uncle of Philippa of Hainault (wife of Edward III of England), a great-great-great-grandson of Louis VII, King of France (d. 1180). Intervening surnames were van Amstel and van Goor. Van Tuyl and Mrs. Sophia van Lodensteyn de Beauvois/Debevoise are the only two Dutch RD immigrants to New Amsterdam known to have left a large progeny. John Umfreville/Humphreville of New Haven, recently studied by Anthony Hoskins of Fort Lauderdale, was 9th in descent, according to a 1710 pedigree compiled by Simon Segar and one in "Philpott's Collections in the College of Arms," from Thomas de Umfreville and Joan de Roddam (RD500, p. 385). Also developed by Anthony Hoskins is the very likely descent of the Quaker Thomas Brassey of Nantwich, Cheshire and Pennsylvania from Henry I, King of England (d. 1135), via Bressey, Hassall, Mainwaring of Over Peover, Amicia de Meschines, and earls of Chester and Gloucester.

    Another descendant of Henry I, via earls of Gloucester and Chester, was Henry Sewall, Secretary of Maryland, husband of Jane Lowe, also RD, who later married Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore. Sewall (of Md.) was a nephew of both Henry Sewall of Mass. and the antiquarian Sir William Dugdale, and Brice Clagett has traced for Sewall's mother and Dugdale a descent from Mabel of Chester and Magna Charta surety William d'Aubigny, 3rd Earl of Arundel, via Swinfen, Noel, Draycott, Stafford, Bassett, and de Somery. Brice has also developed a possible RD for Henry Sewall of Mass., but both he and I think it contains too few generations and requires further research.

    A final discovery affects several immigrants. Douglas Richardson and Henry Hoff have brought to my attention a likely RD for Eleanor Spinney, wife of a major immigrant ur-father Sir John Throckmorton, via Durvassal, de Camville, counts of Rethel and Namur, dukes of Lower Lorraine and Louis IV, King of France (d. 954). This line, partly presented in the 1930 Throckmorton genealogy and Blackmans of Knight's Creek, appears to be confirmed for the Rethel maternity of William de Camville by vol. 6, pp. 472-73, of the G.A. Moriarty notebooks here at NEHGS; see also TAG 20 (1943-44): 255-56, 21 (1944-45): 95-96 for Rethel. Among Throckmorton's descendants are James Neale of Md., included in RD500, subject of an ancestor table by Brice Clagett in Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin 31 (1989-90): 137-53. Another descendant via Kerrill, Dalison, Spencer (ancestors of Sir Winston Churchill and the late Princess of Wales), and Knightley, was Jeffrey Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst, governor of Va. 1759-68, mentioned earlier in this series of RD500 addenda. Two other Throckmorton descendants are my final additions for this column. Humphrey Underhill of N.Y. and his sister Mrs. Mary Underhill Naylor Stites, the latter an ancestor via Ganos of billionaire Howard Robard Hughes, Jr., were great-great-grandchildren, according to the 1980 sixth volume of the Underhill genealogy, of Edward Underhill and Margaret Middlemore, granddaughter of Richard Middlemore and Margery Throckmorton, granddaughter in turn of Sir John Throckmorton and Eleanor Spinney. See also the 1901 Middlemore genealogy, plus further Middlemore research, kindly sent to Henry Hoff via e-mail, of Robert O'Connor of New Zealand.

    In my next column I shall comment on the completion of several major series of near-encyclopedic genealogical compendia. These will include AGBI (American Genealogical-Biographical Index), Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, the 1990-2000 volumes of Mayflower Families through Five Generations, and perhaps also The Search for Missing Friends (abstracts of newspaper advertisements in the Boston Pilot, 1831-1920).

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