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  • Book of Corrections Vol. 2 No. 3

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : June 1985
    1.  Gallop/Gallup/Hodges: Legends, Loves, and Loyalties of Old New England, by Caroline Leonard Goodenough, 1930, p. 283:

    Esther Gallop, who married Henry Hodges, is given as the daughter of Captain John Gallop, Jr., who married Hannah Lake and was killed in the Great Swamp Fight with the Indians in 1675.  Darwin Gallup writes that Esther’s father must have been a different John Gallup, as the Capt. was in Conn. at the time Esther’s father was in Taunton.  See also Letter in Gallup Gen. Correction also applies to C. Goodenough’s Leonard, Thompson, and Haskell Families.

    William C. Muir, Waltham. Mass. 28 March 1967.

    2.  Hall/Coston: Athens, Maine, Marriages, 1807-1822, p. 1: Mr. Andrew Hall of Athens and Miss Dolley Coston of Cornville. Record of the Hall family shows Dolly, dau. of Daniel Collins who had service in the Revolutionary War, and cousins have joined the DAR on this record. Other Costons appear who might be Collins.

    Ellen Hall Constantine (Mrs. R.C.), Rumford, Maine, 19 Jan. 1809.

    3.  Jones: Manwaring, Vol. 3, p. 423: Early probate records, Stephen Jones should read Stephen Johns. Proof: Probate Index, Hartford, Conn.

    Charlotte DeV. Elder, Belmont, Mass., 14 April 1967.

    4.  Kendall/Osborne: Correction to I. F. Stillwell’s Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Vol. IV, p. 376: Stillwell calls John Osborne’s wife Ann Kendall, dau. of Thomas and Mary Elton Kendal, b. ca. 1677.  Please note that Thomas married Mary Elton 5 December 1685.  John Osborne’s wife was Ann Knott, step-dau. of Thomas Kendall by 2nd wife Ann Knott Jennings. See T.A.G. 15: 179; N.J.,4. Vol. 23, pp. 258-59; GMNJ 59; 144.

    Mary Ann Nicholson, Belmont, Mass., 1985.

    5.  Woodcock: Corrections to John Leighton Woodcock’s John Woodcock of Rehoboth, Mass., 1647 (Chicago 1913): P. 35. Besides the five children mentioned, Jeremiah Woodcock and wife Sarah Morse also had Esther, b. at Needham. Mass., 26 Dec. 1765.  She is poss. the one who mar. William Woodcock, and d. at Needham. 19 Aug. 1827. (See Needham V.R.).  Jeremiah and his 2nd wife, Susannah Whittemore had the following children, all born at Needham: 1. Oliver, b. 30 June 1768; 2. Nehemiah, b. 1 Feb. 1771; 3. Ebenezer, [68] b. 12 July 1773 (see below); 4. Nathan, b. 22 Aug. 1776; 5. Amasa, b. 30 Mar. 1779; Elizabeth, b. 22 Nov. 1781. Also possibly a Sally Woodcock who d. in Woodbury, Vt. 1 Aug. 1847, age 62, who married 17 Oct. 1803, John Goodell (1777-1864) of Marshfield, Vt. (See Pitkin’s Hist. of Marshfield, Vt., 1941, p. 302).

    P. 84-85. Ebenezer Woodcock, b. at Dedham. Mass., 12 July 1773; d. at Marshfield, Vt., 12 May 1858, son of Jeremiah (above) and not Ebenezer4 of Attleboro or Dedham. as J. L. Woodcock says.  I believe that this Ebenezer, b. 1740/1, is the same mentioned in the Boston Newsletter of 12 Oct. 1758 as among those captured by the French near Fort Edward, N.Y., and died in France as a prisoner of war.  Ebenezer Woodcock mar. in Winchendon, Mass., 6 May 1798 (Winchendon V.R.) Hannah Day, born at Winchendon, 29 Dec. 1779; d. at Marshfield, Vt., 29 Aug. 1869 (see death records of Ebenezer and Hannah in Vermont State V.R. in Montpelier). Hannah was dau. of John Day and Elizabeth Josselyn of Winchendon (see Martin’s Hist. of Winchendon and Edith W. Wessler’s Jocelyn-Josselyn Family, p. 123, for their ancestries).  A more complete list of Ebenezer’s descendants is in Pitkin’s Hist. of Marshfield, Vt., p. 302-3; Hist. of the Wheeler Fam., II, p.785; Genealogy of the Folsom Fam., 1, 504; and Andover Mass. V.R.

    David C. Dearborn, Andover, Mass. March 19, 1975.

    NEHGS does not verify the Book of Corrections entries.

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