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  • Book of Corrections Vol. 2 No. 2

    Lee Kugler

    Published Date : April 1985

    1.  Brown: John Browne, Gentleman of Plymouth, by George Tilden Brown: P. 35. “Knowles” Cemetery in Attleboro should be ‘Newells’ Cemetery.

    Elizabeth H. Phillips, Attleboro, Mass. Oct. 24, 1967.

    2.  Davenport: A letter from the Pastor of the Cong. Church, Winthrop, Me. to Miss Jeneve Melvin dated Oct. 5, 1970 regarding Ebenezer Davenport: Ebenezer Davenport was indeed one of the original members of the Winthrop Cong. Church in 1776. Marginal notations were used to record important dates in the lives of the members but are sketchy. Our records show that Mr. Davenport died on Feb. 21, 1819. From 1783-1800 no formal records were kept.

    3.  Lyman: Genealogy of the Lyman Family, by Lyman Coleman, 1872: P. 389. William Lyman’s daughter was named Narcissa not Ravissa. P. 390. Theodosia Lyman married John Barrell and their son was Charles Colburn Barrell not Bonell. P. 389: Theda Lyman married Daniel Smith and their daughter Miranda married Hanson Valentine. Their daughter was Miranda Lyman Valentine who married John Francis Eaton and had two children, William Francis and Luella Miranda Eaton.

    Luella M. Eaton. October 26, 1943.

    4.  Sears: Richard Sears of Yarmouth and His Descendants, by Samuel P. May, Newton, 1913, Vol. I, p. 106:

         425.7. Sukey from D.A.R. record #308250; Susan Sears (dau. of Nathan Sears and Thankful Bassett), b. Sept. 27, 1786; m. July 2, 1820, to her bro.-in-law; d. Dec. 10, 1857.  Children: #2. Eunice Clark, b. Jan. 9, 1823; d. Nov. 21, 1892; m. 30 Oct. 1844 Nelson Phinney.

    Henry Phinney Little, West Falmouth, Mass. 21 Dec. ‘67.

    5.  Sedgwick: A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgewick, compiled by Hubert M. Sedgwick, New Haven Colony Hist. Soc.:

        P.  120, B2a, 355. Lucia Marcia Sedgwick (not Maria). Harry Duane Bruce did not legally adopt her children. (We did take the name Bruce, which can be done legally without specific action. James Gould (Bruce), b. July 29, 1905, not July 20, 1904. Henry Howland born in 1904, Charles Sedgwick in 1908. Page 121. All references to adoption on page 120 inaccurate as far as I know. Dates of birth for Henry, James, and Charles, as shown on page 121 are not correct (see above). The child of James Gould Bruce is not Lucia. My son’s name is Duane Frisbie Lockwood Bruce, a name recorded on his birth certificate.

    James G. Bruce, Brookline, Mass. 02146. January 11, 1967.

    6.         Tenny: Vital Records of Bradford, Mass. (1907):  P.  365. The date of death of Elder Samuel Tenny is in error by 100 years. He died 3 Feb. 1747 in his 81st year. (Gardner B. Perry, Discourse [1821] containing a History of the Town of Bradford, pp. 62, 63) Descriptions from the Old Cemetery in Groveland, Mass., copied and published by Louis A. Woodbury (1895) p. 92.

    Anne Borden Harding, Cambridge, Mass. Oct. 5, 1967.

    7.  Viles: Genealogical and Family History of the State of Vermont, by Hiram Carleton, 1905:  P. 163, 2nd col., lines 8, 9, 10. John Viles, b. June 12, 1750 is listed in Vital Statistics as son of John and Susannah (not Sarah). He was born in Waltham. Mass.

    Mrs. Van Cleaf Bachman, W. Concord, Mass.

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