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Research Recommendations: Chiacgo Manual of Style, 16th Edition

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Michael J. Leclerc

Michael J. Leclerc
Director of Special Projects

At long last, the University of Chicago Press has released the 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). The Press accurately bills it as “The essential guide for writers, editors, and publishers.” No writer or editor should be without the CMS.


People often ask about books: “Is this new edition worth buying when I have the last edition?” The answer to this question regarding CMS is “Absolutely!” Major changes and updates have occurred, especially in the realm of digital writing and publishing. Among the updates are :


  • Comprehensive updates reflecting the latest style and usage, technology, and professional practice
  • Expanded coverage of electronic publications, including procedures for proofreading web-based and other electronic documents
  • Electronic-editing checklist for editors and writers
  • Expanded section on bias-free language
  • Expanded coverage of fair use and electronic rights, including an overview of the NIH Public Access Policy
  • New section on parallel structure
  • New and improved hyphenation guide, presented in an easy-to-use tabular format
  • An introduction to Unicode, the international computing standard for letters and symbols required by the world’s languages, including tables with Unicode numbers
  • More references to organizations that publish their own guidelines and standards online
  • Newly uniform stylistic treatment of elements in the two major systems of documentation
  • Updated advice on DOIs versus URLs, including more examples
  • More tips for citing blogs, podcasts, and other electronic sources
  • Streamlined advice on citing legal and public documents
  • Thoroughly revised coverage of production processes, including an overview of electronic markup and XML
  • An updated glossary that includes more terms related to electronic publishing
  • Expanded headings on numbered paragraphs and more cross-references for ease of navigation, especially online
  • A logical and intuitive reorganization by chapter and paragraph that brings together closely related concepts wherever possible, to help readers find what they’re looking for
  • Firmer rules and clearer recommendations, to help authors and editors make the right choices


Another major change is an online version of CMS that is fully-searchable. With the online version, you can add notes, bookmarks, and create style sheets in your personalized version of the manual.


The 15th edition of CMS was published in 2003. The world of electronic writing and publishing has undergone dramatic shifts in that period, and this new version is indispensible in helping you navigate this world. I can’t recommend this new version strongly enough.


The print version is available through bookstores for $65. The online subscription is $35 per year. The University of Chicago Press is currently running a special offer for new subscribers to the online edition. With a one- or two-year subscription, you will receive $5 off the subscription and 50% off the purchase of the print version. That means you can get both the book and a one-year subscription for $62.50 (less than the price of purchasing the book alone). More details are available at

Spotlight: Hawai'I State Archives

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Visitor Services Representative

Hawai'I State Archives

The Hawai'I State Archives is located in the state capital of Honolulu. They have made some digital collections and genealogical indexes available on their website. Click on the Digital Collections link under Quick Links on the homepage to access them.


All of the indexes may be searched by name or browsed through page by page. Click on the appropriate link above the Search box to browse an index. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the index pages or cards. The indexes include:


Genealogy Index
The indexes were prepared by Hawai?i State Archives staff and contain information extracted from a variety of records preserved by the Archives. The information provided in the indexes includes the book/volume, section, page, or case number of the original record. There are indexes to marriage records (1826–1929), divorce records (1848–1915), deaths through probate indexes and wills (1852–1916), naturalization records (1844–1894), denization records (1846–1898), and passports (1845–1874). Denization records “document the admission of an alien to residence or conferred certain limited rights or privileges of citizenship.”


Passenger Manifest Indexes
There are four alphabetical indexes in the collection. They are a Chinese passenger manifest index, which contains nearly 40,000 documents; two Japanese passenger manifest indexes, which contain more than 30,000 records in these indexes; and an index to Portuguese passenger manifests for the period from 1843–1900.


Land Indexes
This section contains 2 partial indexes to land records. One is organized by ‘people names.’ It covers the period from 1838 to 1918. In general, more index cards from the end of the alphabet (R–Z) have been digitized and uploaded to the website than from the beginning (A–Q). The second one is organized by place names. It contains records for individuals with surnames beginning with the letters A, E, and U. Records are being added periodically.


Name Index
This is an index to records and letterbooks of the Hawaii Interior Department and Foreign Office and Executive, some private collections, library books, pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers and periodicals. Some newspapers for the period from1836 to 1950 are also included. The Name Index is organized alphabetically by personal or business name. Currently only surnames beginning with A through Bishop are in the collection. Entries are being added on a monthly basis.


Digitized Records
Some records and photographs have been digitized and uploaded to the website, including:


Judiciary Records
This collection includes frequently used Hawaiian Kingdom probate case files. Currently only First Circuit Court Probate Case Files for the Estate of W. P. Leleiohoku, and the Estate of Kamehameha IV have been digitized and uploaded to the website. Using Acrobat Reader 8 or higher to view these documents is recommended.


Mahele Book
The Mahele Book has been digitized and uploaded to the website. Written in Hawaiian, this book documents the source of all land ownership titles in the Hawaiian Islands in 1848.


Photograph Collection
A selection of photographs in the state archives collection has been digitized and uploaded to the website.


Tax Ledgers
The Tax Assessment and Collection Ledgers for Hamakua and Hilo for the period from 1847 through 1900 are in the digital collection. The ledgers include the following information: the name, age, and residence of taxpayers, type of property (personal or real), property value, and taxpayer exemptions. The majority of the ledgers for this period are in Hawaiian. Some are in both Hawaiian and English. After 1899 all the ledgers are in English.


Vital Statistics Collection
The Vital Statistics Collection includes births, marriages and deaths for the period 1826–1929. All of vital statistic records for Kauai, Molokai and Niihau are online, as are all of Maui's birth and death records. A few marriage records are also available. The documents may be browsed by name or by location by clicking on the appropriate button.


World War I Service Records
This collection contains images of index cards, which document the World War I service history of Hawaii residents and some non-Hawaii residents, who were in the armed forces during World War I. The records cover the period from 1919–1926. The source of the information found on the cards is enlistment records.

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