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NYG&B Record Vol. 46-50

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 New York Map OutlineThe New York Genealogical and Biographical Record is the premier genealogical journal devoted to scholarship on families residing in New York State and surrounding areas. Published quarterly since 1870 by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, the Record features compiled genealogies and transcriptions of Bible records, census records, church registers, newspaper extracts, muster rolls, wills and deeds, and proceedings of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.

This week, we have added volumes 46-50, containing more than 55,000 additional records. The database currently contains volumes 1 through 50, publication years 1870 to 1919. In total, this database contains over 444,000 records. Future volumes will be added periodically.

Other New York databases include: New York: Abstracts of Wills, Admins. and Guardianships, 1787-1835New York: Long Island Cemetery Inscriptions, 1652-1910; and New York: Albany County Deeds, 1630-1894. 

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Rhode Island Roots Vol. 21-25

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When Rhode Island Roots began publication in 1975, the publication served both as a newsletter for the newly formed Rhode Island Genealogical Society (RIGS) and as an aid to careful genealogical research. While it was short and unsophisticated in design, Roots was a serious publication assembled by people with considerable genealogical experience. This update includes volumes 21-25, publication years 1995-1999, and adds more than 19,000 records to this collection. 

Each issue of the quarterly journal, now 52 pages, features at least one compiled genealogy along with Bible records, transcriptions of original sources, book reviews, and studies of the genealogical implications of historical events. Indices of land and Notarial records and petitions to the General Assembly, transcriptions of estimates of ratable estate, gravestones, and early census records all provide invaluable clues to Rhode Island genealogy. The authors include well-known genealogists as well as RIGS members with stories of their own families to tell. 

Other Rhode Island databases available through our digital collections include Rhode Island Vital Records, 1636-1850; Rhode Island Historical Cemeteries Database Index; and Members of the Artillery Company of Newport, Rhode Island.

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Early New England Families Update

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 Great Migration DatabaseThis update includes ten new sketches for the families of John Allen (m. 1638), Edward Bulkeley (m. 1638), Thomas Bulkeley (m. 1638), Edward Denison (m. 1641), Thomas Dibble (m. 1637), Hopestill Foster (m. 1640), Nathaniel Morton (m. 1635), John Norman (m. 1637), John Oliver (m. 1638), and Thomas Starr (m. 1641).

The Early New England Families Study Project has been created to fill the need for accurate and concise published summaries on seventeenth-century New England families. Using Clarence Almon Torrey’s bibliographic index of early New England marriages and its recent successors as a guide, our goal is to compile authoritative and documented sketches to be published in searchable format on and, potentially, in a series of books. Following the work of Robert Charles Anderson in the Great Migration Study Project, the Early New England Families Study Project will, in the next decades, deal with more than 35,000 marriages.

The Great Migration Study Project will eventually treat all immigrants who came to New England through 1640. The Early New England Families Study Project will focus on individuals who emigrated in 1641 or later, but our sketches will be grouped by year of marriage rather than immigration. Consequently, in the transition between the two projects we cannot always simply use the year of marriage as our only benchmark. Some couples who married in 1641 had already arrived in New England, unmarried, and are being treated in the Great Migration Study Project. Some couples who arrived in 1641 were married before they came to New England. Some children who came to New England with their parents during the Great Migration were married before 1641 but were not (or will not be) fully treated in the Great Migration Study Project. The Early New England Families Study Project will continue on to treat all marriages through 1700.

Although “Torrey’s Marriages” is credited with indexing nearly all New England marriages in the seventeenth-century, some exceptions will be addressed in our project. Included in these exceptions are nonwhite and non-Protestant couples, as well as couples identified in the last fifty years.

Other online study projects include the Great Migration Study Project and Western Massachusetts Families in 1790.

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Penn. Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 36 - 40

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Pennsylvania 79Volumes 36 to 40 (publication years 1989 to 1998) of The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine are newly added online to, offering an additional 33,596 records. Now, volumes 1 to 40 are available to search. Additional volumes will be added throughout the year.

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, published by the Philadelphia-based Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania since 1895, publishes family histories, original records, book reviews, and scholarly essays.

Early volumes (1895–1947) focus on southeastern Pennsylvania and neighboring areas of New Jersey and Delaware and publish original records and documents for the use of genealogical researchers; these documents include public records, election returns, births, deaths, marriages, court records, census reports, and immigration/emigration records. Our library also offers this resource in both hard-copy and CD-ROM format.

From 1948–1964, the journal primarily published biographies and family histories. In 1965, the journal expanded the focus of its scholarship to facilitate genealogical research beyond southeastern Pennsylvania and has maintained a more or less consistent balance between publishing compiled genealogies and original source materials.

From 2001 the journal has also published “genealogical summaries” to accompany all compiled genealogies and has further expanded its geographical scope to emphasize research on the European backgrounds of immigrants to Pennsylvania.

From 1895 to 1947, the magazine was called Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

We also offer a wide variety of other regional and national journals, including the The Mayflower Descendant, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and The American Genealogist.

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Sharon Memorial Park Cemetery

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Jewish CemeteryThis database of burials and interments at Sharon Memorial Park was supplied by the management of Sharon Memorial Park, which is considered New England's largest Jewish memorial park and was founded in 1948.  The database contains over 37,000 names. 

Search the Sharon, MA: Sharon Memorial Park Cemetery.

Western Mass. Families in 1790 Update

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Western Massachusetts Families in 1790Recently added, sketches of Aaron Dresser, Montague, MA; Oliver Dresser, Wendell, MA; John Hulet, Lee, MA; Nehemiah Ide, Stockbridge, MA; Justin Olds, Belchertown, MA; Isaac, Phelps, Loudon, MA; Jacob Rich, Warwick, MA; Daniel Slate, Bernardston, MA; Jonathan Slate, Bernardston, MA; Zebediah Slate, Bernardston, MA; and Edward Wright, Chester, MA.

This database contains genealogical sketches of families enumerated in the 1790 census for Berkshire and Hampshire Counties (in what now also includes Franklin and Hampden Counties). Each sketch begins with the head of household, their genealogical information, followed by their spouse and any further biographical information. Following this is the information about their children and their spouses. Many families migrated into western Massachusetts only to migrate further west, often through New York, and elsewhere. These sketches were submitted by NEHGS members and staff and edited by Helen S. Ullmann, FASG. Learn more about the project.

The first printed volume of this series is now available. Our database will be enlarged over time thanks to the submitted contribution of NEHGS members and staff.

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