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Wentworth New Hampshire Cemetery and Land Records

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist


Do you know if any graveyard records exist of early residents in Wentworth, New Hampshire? Also, where would I go to search Probate and land records of early Wentworth, N.H. 



If you are looking for pre-1771 Wentworth probate and deeds you will want to search Rockingham County Probate.  If it is after 1771 you want to search the county of Grafton of .  We have both early Provincial probates and deeds for Rockingham, and the later Grafton records you would need on microfilm.   .?  I have examined George F. Plummer's History of the Town of Wentworth New Hampshire (Concord, NH, 1930) which makes mentions the Village Cemetery which may be one of the earlier in the community. I would also suggest contacting the Wentworth Public Library (603) -764-5818, do keep in mind they have very limited hours of operation. 


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