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The Daily Genealogist Spotlight: Idaho Cemetery and Obituary Databases

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie BeaudraultGooding County Historical Society, Idaho
Assistant Editor

Idaho Cemetery and Obituary Databases

City of Nampa, Idaho

The city of Nampa is located in Canyon County on the western border of Idaho. To assist genealogical researchers the city has placed a cemetery database on its website. Click on the “I Agree” link at the end of the application disclaimer to open a new page and access the database.

The database may be searched by first name, middle and last name, date of birth (range of years), date of death (range of years), interment date (range of years), and burial location (section, lot, and space). Click on the map link to download a map of the cemetery. The file is in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

The data fields in the search results include full name, section, lot space, photo available, birth, death, and interment date. Click on the word SELECT in the first column to view a detailed record, which also includes the name of the undertaker, GSP coordinates, and a photo of the gravestone, if available.

In addition to the general burial search there are search pages for veterans and citizens of distinction. For the veterans’ search there are a number of check boxes which will help you narrow your search by rank, branch, war, honors, and more. Citizens of distinction may be searched by type, including: centenarian citizens, died on birthday, Nampa’s fallen heroes, Daughters of the American Revolution, and notables. Both the veterans and citizens of distinction categories contain additional information about the deceased, including articles and obituaries that have been uploaded to the website. Please note that the files are in PDF format.

Gooding County Historical Society, Idaho

Gooding County is located in south central Idaho. The Gooding County Historical Society has made a collection of obituaries available on its website. The online obituary collection is a work in progress with new indexes being added each year. Currently, the years covered are 1946, 1947, and 1980 through 2011. For the earlier years the data fields are surname, given name, age, sex, date of birth, date of death, military status, and residence. For the later indexes there are additional fields: place of interment and details regarding military service — branch, war, and rank. The historical society will provide you with a copy of an obituary for a small fee.

Twin Rivers Genealogy Society (TRGS), Idaho

Twin Rivers Genealogy Society is located in Lewiston, Idaho. Lewiston, in the northwestern part of the state, is the county seat of Nez Perce County. Many of the obituaries in this online collection were taken from old scrapbooks that were saved from being thrown away. The individuals memorialized in these obituaries had connections to Lewiston, Idaho; Clarkston, Washington; and “outlying areas.” As noted on the website, in cases where the full obituary is not listed due to privacy restrictions, you will have to contact the TRGS webmaster to request a copy of the complete obituary.

Click on the first letter of the surname of the person whose obituary you are seeking. This will open a new page with a list of names. Select a name from the list and click on the link to open a new page containing a transcription of that individual’s obituary. If two obituaries were published, both will appear on the page. If the newspaper title and/or date of publication are known they follow the obituary text.

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