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The Daily Genealogist: Resources at the Geauga County Public Library, Ohio

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Assistant Editor

Genealogy and Local History Resources, Geauga County Public Library, Ohio

Geauga County is located in northeastern Ohio. Chardon is the county seat. The Geauga County Public Library has made a number of genealogy and local history resources available on its website.

Birth, Death and Marriage Records
The alphabetical indexes in PDF format were compiled from microfilm of original ledgers in the collections of the Chardon branch of the Geauga County Public Library. The links will bring you to the Geauga County Genealogical Society of Ohio website where the indexes reside for this collaborative effort. (The original ledgers are not accessible to the public.) An abbreviations key is available at the end of the page.

The birth and death records databases cover 1867 through 1908. There are more than 6,000 records in the deaths index. The data fields are name of the deceased, sex, date died, marital status, age, volume/page/record number, death place, birthplace, occupation, father, mother, cause of death, residence, and remarks. The births index contains more than 8,000 records. The data fields are birth name, sex, date born, birthplace, volume/page/record number, name of father, name of mother, residence, and remarks.

There are two marriage records databases, covering about 1806 through 1919. One database is sorted by bride's maiden name, and the other by groom's surname. There are more than 20,000 records, with separate records for the marriage license and the marriage record. The data fields are bride's name (maiden name), groom's name, date of license application, marriage date, volume/page/record number, groom's father name, groom's mother's names, bride's father, bride's mother, and comments. Because the county's boundaries changed during this period, some of the marriage records are for locales outside the current boundaries of Geauga County. A link to the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries page on the Newberry Library website is provided.

Cemetery Records
Under this link you will find alphabetical indexes to all but two of the cemeteries in Geauga County. The databases are current through 2011 or 2012. Links to the websites for the two remaining cemeteries have been provided.

Court Records
There are two court records databases. The first is the Estate (Probate) Packets database, which covers 1805 through 1917. The data fields in the alphabetical index are person's name, file number, case type, year, and LDS call number. An abbreviations key is provided. There is also a link to probate databases on the Geauga County GenWeb site.

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