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NY G&B Record, Vols. 16-20

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New York Map OutlineThe New York Genealogical and Biographical Record is the premier genealogical journal devoted to scholarship on families residing in New York State and surrounding areas. Published quarterly since 1870 by The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, the Record features articles with a wide variety of records such as bible records, census records, church registers, newspaper extracts, muster rolls, will and deed and proceedings of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.

This week, we have added volumes 16-20, containing 33,000 additional name records. The database currently contains volumes 1 through 20, publication years 1870 to 1889.  Future volumes will be added periodically.

Search The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record

Cities and Towns in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts OutlineThis week’s database, launched several years ago, is a hidden gem and deserves to be featured. Essential for Massachusetts researchers, Historical Data provides summary information for counties and municipalities in the Bay State. The first edition of this book was published in 1920; the 1997 version was prepared by William Francis Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth, and published by NEHGS.

This database may be searched by the name of the municipality to find related section, village, or archaic names. Or searches of section, village, or archaic names can determine the name of the associated municipality. Pages of the original book may be viewed from the search results page. These pages include information on the dates of incorporation of the municipality and any legislated changes in territorial limits.  

A useful map of Massachusetts, with county and town boundaries marked, was published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth and is reproduced on page 4 of Historical Data. Two versions of the map are available online on the Secretary’s website: cities and towns and counties, cities, and towns

Search: Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities, and Towns in Massachusetts, 5th edition

Great Migration, Vol. 6, R-S

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Great Migration DatabaseThis Great Migration database, covering surnames beginning with R through S, is the sixth of seven volumes in a series documenting the watershed years of 1634 and 1635. It traces families and individuals immigrating to New England during those two years – a time of rapid migration and settlement.

Each entry for a featured individual includes:

• Place of origin, if known

• Date and ship on which they arrived in New England, if known

• Earliest known record of the individual or family

• First residence and subsequent residences, when known

• Return trips to their country of origin, whether temporary or permanent

• Bibliographical information such as birth, death, marriage(s), children, and other important family relationships, church memberships, and civil and military offices held.

The full introduction to this volume is available for download as a pdf file.  The introduction includes a description of the methodology used to create the sketches as well as thorough descriptions of the sources used. 

This database provides an index to the sketches of 201 Great Migration individuals, and the 7,539 name references contained within those sketches.  The images of the original book pages are available from the search results pages.

Search The Great Migration, Vol. 6, R-S.

Pennsylvania Gen. Mag., Vol to 25

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Pennsylvania 79Volumes 21 to 25 (publication years 1958 to 1968) of The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine are newly added online to Now, volumes 1 to 25 are available to search. Additional volumes will be added throughout the year.

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, published by the Philadelphia-based Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania since 1895, publishes family histories, original records, book reviews, and scholarly essays.

Early volumes (1895–1947) focus on southeastern Pennsylvania and neighboring areas of New Jersey and Delaware and publish original records and documents for the use of genealogical researchers; these documents include public records, election returns, births, deaths, marriages, court records, census reports, and immigration/emigration records.

From 1948–1964, the journal primarily published biographies and family histories. In 1965, the journal expanded the focus of its scholarship to facilitate genealogical research beyond southeastern Pennsylvania and has maintained a more or less consistent balance between publishing compiled genealogies and original source materials.

From 2001 the journal has also published “genealogical summaries” to accompany all compiled genealogies and has further expanded its geographical scope to emphasize research on the European backgrounds of immigrants to Pennsylvania.

From 1895 to 1947, the magazine was called Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.


Search The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine

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