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Gravestone Abbreviations

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David Allen Lambert
David Allen Lambert
Online Genealogist


While transcribing gravestones recently I noted two abbreviations I have never seen before.  Can you tell me what K.F.M., and I.B.B.H. stands for what organizations? 


Thank you for your note.  K.F.M. or K of FM stands for the Knights of Father Matthew. This was a nineteenth century organization that was organized in Ireland to promote abstinence from alcoholic beverages.  Ladies who belonged to this organization were the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Father Mathew (LAKFM).

The I.B.B.H. is an abbreviation for International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Helpers. The International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths was organized in 1889, and the addition of helpers was added in 1901. This organization was only under the I.B.B.H. abbreviation until 1919 when they merged with the Brotherhood of Drop Forgers.  In 1954 the organization merged finally with the Brotherhood of Boilermakers.  The current organization maintains their website at:

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