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Julie Helen Otto

Julie Helen Otto
Staff Genealogist

DIGHTON [DEIGHTON]: Three daughters of Dr. John Deighton (bur. St. Nicholas, Gloucester, England 19 May 1640) came to New England: Jane (Deighton) (Lugg) Negus (1609–living 1671) of Boston, Mass.; Frances (Deighton) Williams (1611–ca. 1705-6) of Taunton, Mass.; and Katherine (Deighton) (Hackburn) (Dudley) Allin (1614–1671) of Roxbury and Dedham, Mass. A fourth sister, Damaris Deighton (1616-post 1646/7), whom her father named executrix, remained in England and married Samuel Nicholls of Twyning, Gloucestershire, gent. A house at 99-103 Westgate Street, Gloucester, which she inherited is now the Gloucester Folk Museum; deeds (Gloucestershire Archives, John Deighton collection, catalog D381, noted at 10 Nov. 2004 and 22 May 2012), are housed at the Gloucester Archives. An abstract of Dr. Deighton’s will appears in TAG 9 (1932-33): 218-19.

John and Hannah (Williams) Bird of Dorchester, Mass., had a daughter, Dighton (Bird) Myrick (1687–1726) of Dorchester and Taunton, Mass., named for her maternal grandmother Frances (Deighton) Williams. Dighton (Bird) Myrick was the mother (by husband Isaac Myrick/Merrick, Sr.) of Dighton (Myrick) Richmond (“late deceased” on 21 Feb. 1747, when her father wrote his will), also of Rebecca (Myrick) Hathaway (herself mother of a short-lived Dighton Hathaway [1756–1759]).

Dighton (Myrick) Richmond, in her turn, was mother of Dighton (Richmond) Pratt (ca. 1747–Manchester, N.Y. 14 Jan. 1809) who in turn had a daughter, Dighton Pratt (b. Taunton, Mass. 17 April 1772), and of Mary (Richmond) Richmond (ca. 1737–1776), herself mother of Dighton (Richmond) Blore (ca. 1773-after 17 Sept. 1850) and grandmother of two granddaughters, each named Dighton Blore (1813–1817, and b. 1820). Mrs. Blore is found at Butternuts, Otsego Co., N.Y., as a widowed head-of-household in 1840.

One suspects that the second Dighton Blore is the Dighton McClelland, 31, b. N.Y., in the 1850 Ward 10, Albany, N.Y., household of William McClelland, 32, b. Ireland (and their children Mary 15, Joseph 7, Elizabeth 6, William 4, and infant Richard) — and, in 1870, the Dighton Lagrange, 50, with daughter Dighton Lagrange, 11, in the Ward 10, Albany household of Abram Lagrange.

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