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Ask a Genealogists; Boston City Directory searches 1957-1960.

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I am looking for copies of the Boston city directory showing the surname "Carney" for 1957-1960.


While the Society library has microfiche editions of the Boston City Directories for 1789 through 1980 in its fourth floor Microtext area, has digitized editions of the Boston City Directories from 1821 through 1981 in its "U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (Beta)" database collection.  Many public libraries around the U.S. have a subscription to for patron use. When accessing the webpage, this direct link to the collection's search page can be substituted by copy-and-pasting for the main URL:   Within this search form, input the surname of interest as the Last Name, and city of interest as the 'Lived in' location, and the specific year as the Any Event year.  The Browse Collection sidebar on the right can be checked to determine if the collection includes the desired city.  The search results will list alphabetically by first name all the Carneys in the year inputted. Clicking on the View Record icon on the right side of the results list will bring up the digitized image of the first directory page containing Carney entries.  Subsequent pages can be viewed by advancing image by image through the image numbers located in the upper right section of the image viewer.


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