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The Best Genealogical Sources in Print

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Martin E. Hollick reviews the essential reference The Best Genealogical Sources in Print and discusses the expertise of author Gary Boyd Roberts. 


"If the New York Times’s motto is 'all the news that’s fit to print,' then Gary Boyd Roberts’ ethos can be summarized as 'all the genealogical research in print that’s fit to be cited.' During his long career, culminating in being the Senior Research Fellow at the NEHGS, Roberts has been at the forefront of publicizing the best research in print to a broad audience through his lectures and his writings. This volume, The Best Genealogical Sources in Print, is a collection of those writings culled from book introductions and journal articles.


"Roberts really shines where his expertise intersects with his passion. This is best seen in the chapters dealing with immigrants of royal descent and the ancestry of notable Americans. Roberts has long been at the forefront of making sure that those researching their ancestry can find a well-researched line to royalty. His finely-detailed bibliography of sources for the ancestries of famous people are often a fount for anyone who may share an ancestor or two with such people.


"Other unique treasures include bibliographies on Middlesex County, Massachusetts testators of the early 17th century, 100 colonial Rhode Island families, Connecticut families of Hartford, Milford, and Guilford, and English origins of immigrants from the Register 1984-2003. Roberts has long been the sole source on the best “all my ancestor” genealogies and his list of seventy such works in chapter 27 remains the premier list of such titles. Another useful chapter is on sources for the century of lost ancestors 1750-1850, and most genealogists will find new avenues of research for their brick walls that fall during that critical time period.


"Gary Boyd Roberts remains the premier bibliographer of genealogy in the United States. His work can transform the novice to a solid researcher and the solid researcher into an expert. This work is an excellent addition to all genealogical libraries and a work you find yourself consulting again and again."


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Martin E. Hollick is a professional genealogist and the author of the best seller, New Englanders in the 1600s: A Guide to Genealogical Research Published Between 1980 and 2005. His articles on genealogy have been published in several leading journals.

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