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New Haven & Armenian Marriages

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Families of Ancient New Haven — Completely Re-indexed  

This eight-volume, 2,100-page database has been completely re-indexed, increasing the number of name entries from 65,000 to 92,000. The original index was based on a work which only indexed the names of individuals who did not have the same surnames as the featured families. The new all-name index provides many more search results.Families of Ancient New Haven is an eight-volume work created by Donald Lines Jacobus between 1923 and 1932. These volumes were originally published as New Haven Genealogical Magazine, which was the predecessor of The American Genealogist.

Search Families of Ancient New Haven

Armenian Immigrant Marriages in Massachusetts - 1880-1915

This database of marriages of Armenian immigrants to Massachusetts was created by William Andreas Brown as a means for furthering Armenian heritage research in Massachusetts.  The database contains marriage information for 3,565 individuals married in Massachusetts with surnames ending in "ian" or "yan".  The information is searchable by the individual's first and last name and by the father's first name, the mother's first and last name, and the spouses first and last name.  All data was compiled from Massachusetts vital records data contained on and  Information in the "Notes" section was gathered from personal experience, and other genealogy websites.

Search Armenian Immigrant Marriages in Massachusetts - 1880-1915

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The American Genealogist Vol. 78-82

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The American Genealogist Vol. 78-82Newly updated on, The American Genealogist database now includes volumes 78 through 82, publication years 2003 to 2007. This update adds more than 33,000 name records to this database.

The journal now known as The American Genealogist (TAG) has been published quarterly since 1923, and represents an important body of scholarly genealogical research covering the breadth of the United States (with an early preference for New England). NEHGS is pleased to offer it as a fully searchable online database. The current TAG database covers volumes 9–82. Volumes 1–8, covering the years 1923–1932, are already available online under the name “Families of Ancient New Haven.” 

Founded by Donald Lines Jacobus, TAG is edited by a trio of NEHGS members: Dr. David L. Greene, FASG; Robert Charles Anderson, FASG, director of the NEHGS Great Migration Study Project; and Joseph C. Anderson II, FASG, who is also editor of The Maine Genealogist. These distinguished genealogists, along with dozens of highly-regarded contributors, uphold and advance the standards for genealogical scholarship so carefully articulated by Jacobus and the Jacobus “School.”

Our Digital Collections also include these additional genealogical journals: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The Essex Genealogist, and The Virginia Genealogist.

Search The American Genealogist

Penn. Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 31 - 35

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Pennsylvania 79Volumes 31 to 35 (publication years 1979 to 1988) of The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine are newly added online to, offering an additional 31,079  records. Now, volumes 1 to 35 are available to search. Additional volumes will be added throughout the year.

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, published by the Philadelphia-based Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania since 1895, publishes family histories, original records, book reviews, and scholarly essays.

Early volumes (1895–1947) focus on southeastern Pennsylvania and neighboring areas of New Jersey and Delaware and publish original records and documents for the use of genealogical researchers; these documents include public records, election returns, births, deaths, marriages, court records, census reports, and immigration/emigration records. Our library also offers this resource in both hard-copy and CD-ROM format.

From 1948–1964, the journal primarily published biographies and family histories. In 1965, the journal expanded the focus of its scholarship to facilitate genealogical research beyond southeastern Pennsylvania and has maintained a more or less consistent balance between publishing compiled genealogies and original source materials.

From 2001 the journal has also published “genealogical summaries” to accompany all compiled genealogies and has further expanded its geographical scope to emphasize research on the European backgrounds of immigrants to Pennsylvania.

From 1895 to 1947, the magazine was called Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

We also offer a wide variety of other regional and national journals, including the The Mayflower Descendant, New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and The American Genealogist.

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Search the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine.

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