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The Daily Genealogist: Ethnicities/Nationalities Among Your Immigrant Ancestors

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Betlock Lynn

Lynn Betlock

The Weekly Genealogist Survey
Last week's survey asked what activities or experiences have particularly inspired your genealogical pursuits. 4,193 people answered the survey. More than one answer could be selected. The results are:
•    76%, Listening to family stories told by (or about) relatives    
•    57%, Reading letters, historical accounts, or autobiographies written by (or about) family members    
•    42%, Reading an account in a newspaper or local history that provided details of an ancestor's life    
•    59%, Examining family papers or research notes compiled by an earlier relative    
•    76%, Looking at family photographs    
•    56%, Finding/communicating with/meeting a distant cousin or relative    
•    40%, Discovering a genealogical relationship with a historical figure or with someone who participated in a major historical event    
•    28%, Attending a family history program, talk, or conference    
•    35%, Watching a television program like Who Do You Think You Are? or Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.    
•    21%, Discussing family history with a genealogist, teacher, or librarian    
•    9%, Taking part in a consultation with a professional genealogist    
•    60%, Visiting a site (a house, a town, etc.) connected with an ancestor    
•    35%, Reading an article in a genealogical journal or magazine    
•    12%, Living through the Bicentennial or another commemorative event    
•    20%, Feeling a personal lack of family history or having a sense of rootlessness    
•    5%, Walking past NEHGS or another historical institution, research facility, or library    
•    15%, The birth of a child, grandchild, or other relative    
•    35%, The death of a parent, grandparent, or other relative    
•    21%,  I was inspired by an activity or experience not mentioned above.  
This week's survey asks how many different ethnicities/nationalities there are among your immigrant ancestors. Take the survey now!

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