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Records of Mount Hope Cemetery in greater Boston.

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist


Does NEHGS have any records for the burials for the Boston cemetery called Mount Hope?  Or can you advise where I can get information on burials from this large cemetery?  I understood that they had microfilmed the records.




At one point NEHGS was considering purchasing a copy of the burial records for Mount Hope Cemetery. This cemetery was opened in 1851, and is located at 355 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan, Mass.  However these microfilm are not with the Boston City Archives as some had advised me. These burial records covering 1852-1990 on twenty-five (16mm) microfilm masters were commissioned and delivered sometime before 1990 to the Executive Secretary for the Parks Commission. Neither the current Executive Secretary nor the Parks officials with whom he checked knew the whereabouts of these masters. The originals burial records are still at Mt. Hope Cemetery and can be searched in person or by phone. You can reach the cemetery directly at: 617-635-7361


The Boston City Archives does however have some microfilmed Cemetery records including the following Boston area cemeteries:


Mt. Hope Graves Books, ca. 1952-89, on six 35mm masters.

Mt. Hope cemetery Index, 1980-90, on three 35mm masters.

Evergreen Cemetery Index, 1980-90, on one 16mm master

Fairview Cemetery Index, 1980-90, on one 16mm master


The Boston City Archives can be reached at:

New England Historic Genealogical Society
99 - 101 Newbury Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116, USA

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