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The Daily Genealogist: Minerva

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Julie Helen Otto

Julie Helen Otto
Staff Genealogist

MINERVA (f): Roman name for the Greek goddess ATHENE, popular in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century New England, as well as in the rest of the country (often seen in the nickname form MINNIE). Nearly 14,000 women in the 1850 census were named Minerva. They include Minerva Bangs (born abt. 1840) of Prescott, Massachusetts; Minevra Cashdollar (born abt. 1839) of Etna, Ohio; and Minerva Royce (born abt. 1765) of Berkshire, Vermont.

The Daily Genealogist: Colorado Cemetery Indexes

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Assistant Editor

Hillside Cemetery, Silverton, Colorado

Originally a mining camp, the town of Silverton is the county seat of San Juan County. It is located in the southwestern part of the state. The Hillside Cemetery website is the result of the work of Freda Carley Peterson, who spent years researching and compiling the burial records of San Juan County. She has written books about burials in Hillside Cemetery and stories about those buried there. Excerpts from her book, The Story of Hillside, may be viewed by clicking on the Excerpts link in the contents list.

The website contains two databases that are alphabetical indexes to more than 3,000 documented burials in San Juan County. (As noted on the site, the earliest known county burial took place in 1872.) Click on the Burial Surnames tab in the contents list to open a new page with links to the burial listings. The first is Burial Surnames at Hillside Cemetery. Click to choose a letter link which will lead you to a PDF file containing burial information for individuals whose surnames begin with that letter. The data in the records may include the following information: name of the deceased, cause of death, spouse’s name, parent’s name(s), age, date of birth, date of death, veteran status, occupation, and place of burial. Click on the Burial Surnames outside of Hillside Cemetery link to open a new page with a short list of individuals buried in two other cemeteries in San Juan County.

The website also has a photo gallery that contains 100 captioned images of gravestones in the Silverton Hillside Cemetery. Click on the Photo Gallery link to access them.

Brush Memorial Cemetery, Brush, Colorado

The City of Brush is in Morgan County, which is located in northwest Colorado. It was incorporated in 1884. The city was named to honor a cattleman named Jared L. Brush, who served as Lieutenant Governor of Colorado. Jared Brush sold the land for the cemetery to the city in 1893. The Jared L. Brush Cemetery was established in 1895. The cemetery is divided into three sections — North Cemetery, South Cemetery, New North Cemetery — and a columbarium.

Click on the Interment Directory link to download a PDF file containing a list with more than 7,000 records of burials in the cemetery. The list is organized alphabetically by the surname of the owner/deceased. The remaining data fields in the index are section-block, lot, grave, born, deceased, and comments. The comments field includes the names of other related individuals, removals, veteran status, and inscriptions.

You will also find links to PDF maps of each section and the columbarium. Each map sheet has a section for recording grave location information. There is also a link to the cemetery’sFind A Grave webpage. You will also find photographs of many of the cemetery’s gravestones on this site.

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